May 132012

Most of the time, people don’t pay attention to Judge races. All too often, those that are appointed Judge are done so as a payoff for service or a political favor.

Dan Maguire is just such a judge. I have been looking around at judge races in Northern California – since more and more party central committees are looking to endorse in said races.

Jeff Seaton also appears to be another that is in the same genre’ he was being looked over by Arnold’s crew for an appointment to the bench – which Arnold reneged on. (typical for Arnold)

Recently, I did some digging on Dan Maguire – a Yolo County Judge running for re-election. I found that Dan Maguire was up to his neck in abusing a non-profit to finance the Governor’s travel plans outside of campaign finance limits – and worse, Dan Maguire was involved in an apparent cover-up of the finances.

Dan Maguire is also a silver-spooner Ivy-League graduate with little or no experience in criminal law. (He had never handled a felony case before Arnold put him on the bench)

Jeff Seaton on the other hand is an Amador County Defense Attorney that defends the dregs of society and he wants to be a judge!

Jeff Seaton’s contempt for Crime Victims is legendary. Jeff Seaton even hired a child psychologist to ask questions of an eight-year-old Crime victim to devastate her!

Jeff Seaton has taken a large check from a Casino and a Santa Monica environmental law firm and is seeking the Amador County Republican Party endorsement. One of his (Jeff Seaton’s) campaign signs in in front of the house of a known sex-offender!

It appears that the expose’ on Jeff Seaton has started to resonate in Amador County based on some of the emails I have received.

There is more coming soon on Dan Maguire – but he appears to have some major issues that he has taken some effort to try and hide. Welcome to soon-to-be-former Judge Maguire.


  One Response to “Judge Races Matter – Jeff Seaton and Dan Maguire need to be Stopped!”

  1. I just saw that the family whose son was murdered by Schwarzenegger’s business partner endorsed the other candidate. They endorsed the other candidate on the Courthouse steps. Maguire’s involvement in the secret decision to commute the sentence as part of Schwarzenegger’s legal team is sad. No doubt, he was appointed because Schwarzenegger had to give all the rats getting off the ship a safe place to land.

    Blogger’s Note – they need your help telling Yolo County what the score is. If not, Maguire will win. You can help stop that.

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