May 142012

I have seen some terrible ballot statements in the past. I read one from a Roseville City Council candidate written in ebonic sentence fragments, I read another one from an Assembly Candidate explaining how she was going to stop the Bildabergers and the Illuminati. These were real.

Jeff Seaton’s ballot statement makes the top five worst. (The above two are also on that list)

Seaton should have been sued over this ballot statement. Given his stellar record in Court, he’d have lost. Given the absurdities of it, he’d have lost.

Jeff Seaton passed the Bar in 1990 – he claims “36 years of experience in our legal system”. Musta flunked math class.

Seaton lists family and parenthood amongst his life’s experiences. (He forgot the Pig and the Chicken)

He also lists being a mediator and counselor in his ballot statement. (See also Schmitz vs Schmitz case – where he represented the male half, got fired then got a donation from the female half)

The most telling line is the comments about punishment for a crime being commensurate with the crime committed. Why don’t we start with Mr. Perdue who is rotting in jail, an innocent man because Jeff Seaton was wasted during the trial.

Jeff Seaton also indicated that he “strongly believes in law and order”… including railing on a rape victim until she lost the nerve to press charges or the way he treated Jennifer Minton?

“As your judge, I will strive to keep Amador County Safe” – really? Why did you take $1,000 from Dalton, why the $10k from the Casino?

However, I reserved the following line for the strongest ridicule: “I would now like to serve Amador County in a greater capacity”.

Let that sink in a second.

Law enforcement? He has done a lot of their divorces.

Veterans? He turned veteran’s day 2011 in to a campaign fundraiser.

Crime Victims? The stories are legion.

The Casino? He got $10k from them + a bonus $1k from Dalton.

The Republican Party? He got $5k from a leading left-wing law firm! He is defending the sons of the County Chairman related to their multiple issues.

The community? I guess if you’ve been to one of his pool parties. (just ask the pig)

Jeff Seaton’s ballot statement makes the top five list because I know him and his assertions in his ballot statements are gross fabrications based on what I know… and there is the small matter of his incessantly pimping his reserve military service. That part makes me angry.

Amador County – Send Seaton back to his law office so he can continue his legal (mal) practice.

  One Response to “Jeff Seaton’s Ballot Statement is a Joke”

  1. Hi Aaron,
    Thank you once again for writing, your accounts are spot on and a telling of what corruption is and it’s depth. The forum was very interesting this evening and you didn’t miss much. Steve Hermanson was first and used his time to explain his intentions and plans and was very well received. Seaton used his time to expound upon his military service (thank you) experience in law enforcement and then straight to attacking Hermanson. The highlight was Seaton bandstanding with a Hermanson mailer on judgeships for sale with the casino. Seaton wondered aloud is racism wasn’t an issue. The crowd, mostly Hermanson supports gasped and later that evening Seaton was rasked again if he was accusing Hermanson with racism and Seaton confirmed it. Seaton was correct in one regard, this race (and forum) was very much like a court proceeding. Where as, we were limited to what we were allowed to ask the candidates. Second question of the evening was from someone from the Central Committee with accusations to Hermanson if he condoned attacks against candidates that were harmful or harming children. Of course, Mr. Hermanson was able to voice that he would never harm a child as the mediator stopped and cautioned the women that such questions were not allowed. I thought that I would try my hand at Seaton with reference to the Perdue case and confidentiality allegations… Shot down. There were many in attendance that wanted to ask hard hitting questions that had direct dealings with Seaton’s representation and qualifications, but knew that access would not be allowed. Mr. Hermanson did an outstanding job and someone I will continue to believe and trust in. You my fine sir are a credit for what you believe in and what you write. The blogs will be quiet at the Ledger unless a bomb shell hits about Seaton. Keep writing, we are interested (now) in our future and those that would represent us. Phil

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