May 312012

One of the strengths of Doug LaMalfa’s 2010 State Senate Campaign was co-opting local Tea Parties… (Such as the Lincoln Tea Party) in addition to slander and inuendo against their political opponents.

However, unlike the Lincoln Tea Party – the Redding Tea Party appears to finally be understanding that they were lied to. While those of us in Placer will continue to have to put up with the psychotic former PCRP Chairman Ken Campbell and his lieutenants like James Ricketts spreading bile, others are getting wise.

There is a new website put up called – that lights up Doug LaMalfa for his hypocricy and his situational ethics.

It should be noted that the aforementioned Ken Campbell has had a falling out with other Tea Party leaders which explains his retreat back to the Lincoln Tea Party. There has been a chain of events of infighting and revelations many in the Tea Party have had about Doug LaMalfa.

The irony in Placer is that the Placer CRA was the Tea Party before the Tea Party was thought of – we are the Conservative, Pro-Life, Pro-Prop-8… however, the political agendas of the few, combined with having people new and impressionable in the political process created a situation where those with agendas could drive a wedge between the Placer CRA and local Tea Parties.

This is LaMalfa’s legacy in Placer – and it is sad that I had to light up the Lincoln Tea Party for their alliance with the Moderates in their Jihad.

At least the Redding Tea Party appears to be breaking free as this website appears to be focused on Erin Ryan, a Tea Party leader up there that is on Doug LaMalfa’s payroll.

  2 Responses to “Doug LaMalfa Continues to get Hammered, Tea Parties Are Rebelling”

  1. Just one problem … your guys put up the site. Redding Tea Party had nothing to do with it. Doug won the straw poll by a mile.

    Blogger’s Note: If I knew who put the site up, I’d have outed them… however, the specificity of the information and the fact that Mrs. Ryan feels the need to defend herself tells me that the website and this post hit the target.

  2. Blogger’s Note: Nevada County Voter Rolls do not show the existence of a Barbara Samardich. I will update if I find out more info.

    I’m not so sure that the Tea Party should be backing candidates. I see listing the pros and cons of issues as more important. Here in Nevada County, members of the Tea Party have verbally given their support to a candidate for County Supervisor who is not qualified. She has many relatives in the county and my feeling is that the Tea Party has not really vetted her. We all know what kind of havoc not vetting a candidate properly leads to. I have not spoken about this publically, but did send a note to our Tea Party representatives and received a very “snippy” reply. This lack of vetting leaves us no better off than the major political parties.

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