May 092012

In the quest for answers as to why the Jackson Rancheria chipped in $10,000 to Jeff Seaton for Judge… I have come across Chicken Hill.

Chicken Hill is a crib up at ‘da Jackson Rancheria where dudes come up from the hood and bust rhymes. Trip on it here… now don’t trip on all the four letta words, yo. Apparently, they twist spliffs and fire up ‘da bong too… but I don’t think they could hang with Seaton’s Pool action.

I was checkin’ it out on da’ utube and found a few more Chicken Hill chill pieces… like ridin’ and smokin‘. I guess the Amador GOP straight gets it – they know that they need a judge on da level, yo.

Right here – picture of Seaton’s Road Dawg hanging some sawg on ‘da chicken.

Steve McClean is the cat in the photo – he used to roll with Seaton’s posse on the Amador County Central Committee… now he just roll.

Chicken Hill productions.

In all seriousness – why would a Casino which has already caused Amador County’s Crime rate to soar 35% create a place where gangsta-rappers can come, get wasted and cut tracks?

Is there a connection between Chicken Hill and Jeff Seaton?

Does the Casino Want Seaton in as Judge because he won’t scare customers away from the Casino? I hear that gambling revenues are off some 50% in most places because people are broke and don’t have money to waste. They are looking for other ways to keep the cash flowing.

So, we have the Pig. (aka the pulled pork reference for the idiots defending Jeff Seaton on the Amador Ledger) Now we have the chicken.

I’d love to see Seaton hammer some pain meds then drop some beats at Chicken Hill…

If I was running Seaton’s campaign – I’d have kicked this guy off my team for this one.

Seaton’s all-stars, the judge, the pill bottle, the chicken, the pig, the ex, the  child molester, the conflict attorney,the doctor… sounds like the Village People are making a comeback.

  2 Responses to “Chicken Hill – Chillin’ With Seaton (Yo)”

  1. Aaron, nice work once again. It’s getting interesting at the Ledger and someone close to the Purdue case has called out Darlene with reference to her alleged reading of the court transcripts that have just now been made available, bringing confidentiality between Seaton and Darlene to the surface.

  2. I can hardly wait to see what the chicken comments look like at the ledger-dispatch. Thanks again mr.Park.

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