Apr 052012

I am a fan of Colonel Pete Stiglich. “Stiggy” as I affectionately refer to him is a retired Colonel and is a true friend. He stood tall with the Contract with the CRA in 2011. My heart is with him in his run for CA-01.

Unfortunately, he lacks resources. So does Micheal Dacquisto.

Dacquisto is running as one of those new “No Party Preference” candidates. Probably because of Republicans like Doug LaMalfa.

Dacquisto just set Doug LaMalfa on fire… actually he caused Doug LaMalfa to set his own self on fire.

You see – Doug LaMalfa has a problem, (not just David Stafford Reade), but he has a Rice Welfare problem… it seems that I am not the only one that is purturbed that a self-styled “Conservative” is a welfare maven.

The irony is that the venue is the Shasta Tea Party – which is run by Erin Ryan, who is deeply tied to Doug LaMalfa.

In the video – LaMalfa says he is a farmer first before he is an elected official. Oops – does this mean LaMalfa said his loyalty is to the almighty USDA Check first?

Secondly – he claims that farmers can not compete without subsidies. My understanding is that only 9% of farms get farm subsidies? If that is true – then LaMalfa’s answer is a gross distortion.

Overall, his answers dodge the larger and the main question. It is a question that Doug LaMalfa can’t answer- how can he call himself a conservative with all that farm welfare money?


  3 Responses to “Score one for Michael Dacquisto (CA-01) Lights up LaMalfa Bad”

  1. I am funding my own campaign. I do not lack resources. I just need everyone to share my message. Doug LaMalfa’s answer is typical political speak. This is a perfect example of what is wrong with Washington and Sacramento. Both are filled with career politicians who have lost touch with the people who sent them there and who pay their salaries. How else to explain his answer on subsidies. Check out http://www.votedacquisto.com and http://www.facebook.com/Michael.dacquisto

  2. Michael – what are you doing to get your message out? Radio, TV? what?

  3. Aaron-I will be doing TV and radio as the primary way to get my message out. I also have social media efforts, primarily facebook and am starting twitter. I am going to all debates/forums when asked to participate and am doing as much face to face as possible. I have radio interviews coming up and get some print coverage, usually from debates and forums. I still believe that a strong message from someone who has common sense, is not a career politician, and believes in the short term citizen legislator concept can overcome the good old boy political machine. Voters are not stupid, even though career politicians often treat them that way. The message from traditional politicians is, “My past efforts have been wonderful, so put me in again” or “Elevate me from Sacramento to Washington because I’ve been “chosen” by the prior occupant of the office.” Given the current state of our country (federal and state) I do not think running on having been in Sacramento while California was going bankruptcy so send me to Washington is a winner. I think the voters will agree if enough of them can hear that message.

    I am open to all suggestions you might have. Thanks.

    Blogger’s Note – Good stuff Michael

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