Apr 262012

When you are electing a judge and vetting a Judge candidate for a Republican Party endorsement – there is some responsibility for research.

$250k to the Sheriff’s Department, $350K+ to the DA’s Office are two figures that were given to me of the Tribe’s  Annual largesse.

Jeff Seaton was not vetted at all. Or, if he was – then that could indeed tell the story of why the Indian Tribe in Amador County appear to be attempting to buy a Judgeship.

The Tribe tosses money around the community like water – so the $1,000 from a Dalton + the $10,000 from the Tribe itself is chump change.

I harken back to the case of Schmitz vs Schmitz. Seaton got fired, and the pattern is similar to the grotesque malfeasance in the Purdue Case. In the letter dated November 4th, 2008 – Schmitz lambasted Jeff Seaton for, cancelling appointments, no-showing, failing to make any discovery efforts, being unprepared in court, and the letter alledues to Jeff Seaton sleeping with the wife of the Schmitz that fired him.

Jeff Seaton forfeited $6100 in legal fees according to the letter.

I have never seen anything like this in the 15 years I have been involved in politics. This letter of termination was entered in to evidence by Jeff Seaton’s Ex-Wife Patty.

You see, Patty had been covering for Jeff Seaton’s behavior as it related to Mr. Schmitz’ anger over the bungling only to get served with divorce papers and kicked out of the law office on to the street in favor of his Mistress. The letter has it all in there.

I had written yesterday that Patty has not come out publicly against Seaton because she wants to be able to garnish his Judge wages to get back spousal support that Jeff Seaton is not paying… (Is anyone surprised that Jeff Seaton wouldn’t pay like he has been ordered to???) Well I also was informed that another explanation is that Jeff Seaton is preparing to appeal the divorce decision of the Appellate Court because he wants to further delay paying Patty the money that is rightfully hers. As a result, the attorney has a gag on her.

Whatever the reason is, Jeff Seaton has some serious integrity issues.

Take a look at the $400,000 in personal debt in the divorce proceedings. $322K is an Equity Line against an office building and the rest is credit card debt.

This guy wants to be a judge? Someone who is $400K in the hole in this economy is compromised.

Here is a 2011 Income Statement from Seaton’s Law Firm, it shows $218K in receipts and about $66K in operating income. How the heck is he keeping current on the debt payments on that $400k on the debt list? The monthly payments on that are almost $3000 a month.

The more research I do on Jeff Seaton, the more questions I am raising.

Just don’t vote for this guy. Just don’t.

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  1. Aaron,
    I want to thank you for being such an outspoken source of information about Seaton and the possible underlying problems that groups such as the GOP, city councilmen, casino and others represent. Your information has helped quiet the Ledger blog and I have a feeling the upcoming forums will be a different story. This is not a smear campaign, this is the continued fight for what is right. Thank you once again.

  2. Blogger’s Note: HI Nicolette – I don’t work for Hermansen, sorry to disappoint you. Please visit again on Sunday to find out why I am doing all of this. However, you are entitled to your opinion – therefore your comment is displayed in its’ entirety. Please note – that the below snippets are unsubstantiated and I have no hard evidence to back them up.


    I would love to enlighten you. Dan and Carolyn Schmitz have been writing slanderous letters not only about The ex- Ms. Schmitz, but also about and to his children, two of the three have estranged relationships due to Carolyn’s instability. Below are some snippets from a letter, your honorable sources, sent to Mr. Schmitz’s 18 year old daughter upon graduation, right around the time the letter was written about this alleged affair. The author has grandiose ideas and odd fascination with alleging people of using sex to their advantage. Ring a bell? Any sane person could see that the author is not mentally stable. Glad it is your source. It is also highly doubtful that Seaton missed out on $6100 of legal fees as the current Mr. & Mrs. Schmitz did not even pay child support in 2008. In addition, Seaton chose to not represent a client with bad intentions and low moral standards, so “forieting $6100 in legal fees” seems like the most hoborable thing he could have done. Slander is illegal, good to know Hermanson supports it. If you need the source verified I would be more than happy to do that for you. Happy reading!

    ” I pity you for not having the vision to see what you have, and how easily you have lost the respect of your family, your school administrators, your fellow students and their parents, and people who watched you grow up who once thought you were so cool (they all watched you devastate your father in public at your graduation, and that was reprehensible and irreversible).  Nobody likes you much right now, unless they are as sick as you or are sleeping with you. ”
    “There is no difference between you and Hitler, except you don’t have the charisma he had. ”
    “Change is scary, and your mother is responsible for all your changes.”
    “I feel sorry for you that you don’t know that – that you have chosen a disgusting path.  You surely have needs, but you will never have them met on your current path.  How wretched you have become!”

  3. Allow me to add that the ex-wife that allegedly slept with Seaton donated a pair of earrings valued at $150 for a raffle at a Seaton fundraiser… It just keeps coming.

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