Mar 242012

In the last 24 hours I got two emails:

The first shows a very young Gentlemen Jim Nielsen with Pete Wilson advertising a fundraiser. The Email was sent from a Vanessa McCarthy-Olmstead – McCarthy? I’d assume a relation to Kevin McCarthy, the godfather of the so-called “RINO-Munger” movement in the GOP.

The first E-Mail advertised “Jim Nielsen for Senate 2014“. Now, is Nielsen going to Carpet-Bag in to another district? Is he assuming that LaMalfa will retire in 2014? Or is he assuming, as is Doug LaMalfa that LaMalfa is going to trick the voters once again in to electing him to office in his run for congress – thereby vacating the Senate Seat he is in?

I lit up the Placer County Lincoln Club for basically being a David Stafford Reade jam-job to shill for Beth Gaines and Gentlemen Jim Nielsen. Now I have my confirmation.

The Second Email from McCarthy-Olmstead was just such a confirmation. It advertises an upcoming candidate seminar. Both have some connection to the Sacramento Lincoln Club – the Sac Lincoln Club lists David Stafford Reade as President.

The contact RSVP for the Jim Nielsen Fundraiser is Ryan Hatcher – an outspoken opponent of the conservative GOP platform, who, along with Jim Nielsen voted for the Munger platform in the drafting committee.

Duane Dichara is a capo, he is a hired gun to run political campaigns. He’ll admit that to anyone. Justin Matheson is the same. Donald Wilson is a school board member who also happens to make a living from politics as he works for the Republican Caucus in the capitol. Dichara and Wilson are members of the Sacramento GOP Central Committee. They are listed as presenters for the Candidate seminar – all are excellent at what they do and people that are political novices would indeed benefit from their expertise.

My issue and the point of the post is this:

The GOP sucks. The leadership Sucks. Many of our GOP electeds are terrible and represent nothing. The CAGOP is down to 30.4% statewide and is in a free-fall.

You’d think there would be some-sort of awakening and a search for dynamic leaders. But, there isn’t – those on the titanic are continuing to fight for their piece of the deck as the ship heads for the 25% icebeg.

The Placer Lincoln Club – set up to support incumbents regardless of merit.

The Sacramento Lincoln Club – the same.

I was told that Donald Wilson got up at the Sac GOP endorsing meeting and was red-faced yelling about something along the lines of “How Dare Anyone run against good Conservatives like Beth and Ted Gaines”. I’d argue that neither Beth nor Ted Gaines are good representatives (let alone Conservatives) at all for various reasons – start with the fact that neither of them are engaged in the community, the fact that Ted runs away from tough votes on the floor of the Senate or the fact that Beth is 100% dependent on staff for her daily survival.

Later – Wilson stood up and voted to endorse incumbent Bill Berryhill for State Senate – Berryhill voted against the Conservative Platform in favor of the Munger Platform.

Incumbent Protection means Ideological Suicide.

How could anyone expect Donald Wilson to make an unbiased decision about which candidates to endorse? His paycheck depends on it! Dichara is a consultant with connections in Sacramento. Neither of them are corrupt or wrong for their professions – they are simply conflicted.

David Stafford Reade is one step worse – he has had a pattern for years of manipulating organizations to serve whomever his current master is which is what appears to be happening with the Sac and Placer Lincoln Club.

At least Wilson and Dichara can say they were being “Party Guys” by supporting incumbents… David Reade is manipulating the party to serve his clients over all Republicans.

It is all a form of Cronyism.

This is the main reason why the Placer GOP Cent Com is targeted with Dave Gilliard planted hit pieces in the local media. This is the reason why we have a loud moderate minority that tries to make our Cent Com environment toxic to drive volunteers away. This is the reason why some local Tea Party members have been recruited to help under false pretenses by Doug LaMalfa and his allies.

Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines, Doug LaMalfa, Dave Gilliard, the CRP Leadership, David Stafford Reade – no one can control the Placer GOP Central Committee – so they try to attack and destroy it.

Meantime – thousands register DTS out of disgust.

The behavior of the Lincoln Clubs is simply the latest in the line of Suicidal Cronyism that the GOP simply does not have the luxury of tolerating.


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