Mar 272012

I have discovered a disturbing candidate running for Judge in Amador County. His name is Jeffrey Seaton, a notorious criminal defense attorney.  Judicial races are important considering the upcoming debate about the Death Penalty in California.  Judges must be ready to insure that justice serves the interests of the people, and that includes the weak and innocent victims.

Jeff Seaton has exhibited contempt for Crime Victims –  and yet he wants to serve as a Judge in Amador County.

In the case of People Vs Akemon – he represented a Prison Guard that molested a young boy. Once the defendant couldn’t pay – he dropped the case on the eve of trial.

In the case of People vs Davidson – Seaton represented a defendant that gave a young boy Marijuana. Once the boy was intoxicated, Davidson sodomized him. Seaton took Davidson’s car as payment for representation (apparently, he did not make such an arrangement with Akemon). Fortunately, none of Seaton’s antics and truth-defying arguments worked in this case – Davidson went to Prison.

However, some registered Sex Offenders seem to like the prospect of Seaton for Judge. Here is his banner at the house of a known sex-offender in Amador County:


People vs Eisenbeis? Eisenbeis liked to beat his wife. Seaton actually represented both at one point (not sure how that is possible) – Eisenbeis got a few more shots in on his wife, breaking her arm and there were no technicalities left for Seaton to hide him behind. Now Eisenbeis is in prison. (hopefully getting the crap beat out of him)

Seaton’s ethical issues are on parade – ask his ex-wives.

Court room testimony shows that Jeff Seaton had an affair with a woman who became his new law secretary and wife number 2.

Later the facts revealed that Seaton’s second wife was abandoned with nothing, despite being with him 16 years and helping him build his law practice. Despite Seaton’s affair with another woman, he claimed he was never really married in the first place and took his case to the appellate court. The court threw out this laughable argument.

Documents show that Seaton used his court room skills and legal sense in an attempt to destroy his second wife despite the fact that it was his infidelity that broke up the marriage. It also appears Seaton had the trial moved to Sacramento because he somehow believed that a Schwarzenegger appointment to a judgeship was in the works.

Seaton did not get appointed Judge at that time which is why he is running now (even Arnold has standards) – but what if I told you that the Amador County Republican Party is considering endorsing this guy!?

I already told you that the Jackson Rancheria Casino and so-called Amador county leaders are supporting this guy – it makes you wonder what the hell is going on in Amador County… but, there’s more…

  3 Responses to “Jeff Seaton for Judge – Family Values”

  1. Thanks for the zealous propaganda. It is just what our political discourse needs, more appeals to the mindless. I appreciate your torch and pitchfork approach to law and order, but as you may have noticed, we have an adversarial system: All the people, even the worst of us are entitled to adequate representation.

    It is because of your kind of mentality and thought free, ignorant, but impassioned advocates such as yourself that Texas has killed 14 innocent people, Illinois has killed 11 innocent people. All of whom were exonerated by DNA evidence that “tough on crime” bone heads would not allow in evidence upon appeal. I oppose the death penalty and I believe that most criminal sentences are far too long.

    I am posing as an Amador County resident and was undecided as to who I should support in the upcoming election, but your post has made up my mind. I’m going to see what I can do to help Seaton win the election. Thanks for your reasoned and measured (add sarcastic tone here) contribution to the dialogue. I left this post because I am angry that you did research that indicts Seaton for being a fraud.

  2. Oh and Judge Richmond has endorsed him.

    Blogger’s Note: Apparently Judge Richmond prefers Child Molesters to average citizens…

  3. Really shows us how much you really know. After hearing your weak ingnorant rant.
    Its Seaton for me.
    He doesn’t Cheat by displaying unlawfull signage in the City of Jackson.
    I think a candidate that cheats, and does unethical things in an election won’t change his spots because he wears a robe.
    Jeff Seaton is the best candidate!
    Thornton “Tom” Consolo
    That’s my name.. lets see if you have the guts to declare who you are!

    Blogger’s Note – My name is Aaron F Park, it’s on my blog. Along the same lines of critical thinking – if a campaign sign outweighs common sense or a blatant record of corruption, it makes me wonder what your price was or if you need therapy. Niether sound very good at all.

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