Mar 072012

Tonight was a disaster for Beth and Ted Gains.

Despite phone calls and pushing people and showing up to intimidate committee members, Both Gains failed to receive a Placer County Republican Central Committee Endorsement.

They brought their entire staffs to the meeting in an attempt to intimidate committee members as well.

Their liberal allies on the committee engaged in delaying actions to stretch out the meeting which is their standard M.O. when they know they aren’t getting their way…

I am home nursing some kidney stones so I have to live vicariously through text messages.

Ted lost 16-9-1. Ted should have won 26-0.

Ted has been distant and when we have heard from him – it has been in public attacks against the Committee in the local papers. It finally cost him something he wanted tonight.

Beth had an even worse night. Linda M. Park – the upstart challenger beat her 13-11-3 – this means that the challenger against an incumbent got a simple majority of votes versus an incumbent. This is a major black eye and an embarrassment to Beth Gains.

This is going to play in the local media and likely for the duration of the campaign.

  2 Responses to “Beth Gaines and Ted Gaines get Black Eye at Placer Cent Com”

  1. What do you think about the Bee’s report about Andrew Pugno possibly challenging Beth Gaines for her seat? Kind of came out of nowhere(if it’s true). How would you feel about that? He has the conservative bona fides, but then he’d be going up against your mom so…

    Sorry to hear about your kidney stones. I had gallstones so I know something of what you are going through. Get well soon!!!

  2. I can’t see too far past the fact that the incumbent who pulled out all the stops got her ass kicked by a school board member. That has to suck.

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