Feb 082012

Believe it. Oh and Beth Gaines abstained.

Rico Oller. Abstain. Tom McClintock, Abstain. Dan Logue? Abstain – courageous leadership from Ted Gaines.

Liberal Democrat Jennifer Montgomery is running for re-election. We (the Central Committee) recruited an opponent for her.

We (the Central Committee) put the opponent, Mark Wright a software engineer from Colfax up for a Placer GOP Cent Com endorsement.

What ensued is a primer on why the GOP loses elections.

First off -the liberal members of our Central Committee lectured us about how we should not be endorsing in Non-Partisan races. However, the Democrats do and have done so for years.

Jennifer Montgomery? The poster child and 2011 Woman of the year for California Red-to-Blue. RTB is a progressive leftist organization that runs lib-dems in Republican Areas.

Ted Gaines voted against endorsing her opponent.

Tax-Raising Liberal Repbulican Lincoln Councilmember Spencer Short? Voted No.

Left-Wing former Assembly Candidate Cheryl Bly-Chester? Voted No, after her usual accusations of bribery, extortion and corruption. Cheryl is so liberal that she was endorsed by the Placer County Libertarian Party in her assembly run!

Liberal Republican Auburn City Councilmember Mike Holmes? Oh heck, he’s already endorsed the Democrat!

Ted Gaines – not a leader. Worse, toxic to the Republican Party. Spencer Short? I endorsed his recall and I keep getting reminded that choice was a good one.



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  2 Responses to “Ted Gaines Voted Against Endorsing a Republican for Supervisor!?”

  1. The Placer County California Republican Assembly is one of the reasons California Republicans can’t win races.

  2. Placer’s 5th Sup district – one Republican versus one Democrat… kinda hard to mess that one up!

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