Feb 212012

Sutter County’s Lincoln Day Dinner was very different from Yuba’s. The crowd was smaller and the atmosphere was much more subdued.

As opposed to Yuba County where Dan Logue is a rockstar – Sutter County is under the influence of Team Nielsen/LaMalfa.

Wally Herger was the guest of honor – but had to send his wife in his place.

Of interest to me personally was the fact that Jim Nielsen smiled at me and said “Mr. Park”, as he stuck out his hand. Jim Nielsen is old school – he does not sulk, pout and glare at his political opponents like Doug LaMalfa does – he shakes their hand and smiles at them. It gives Nielsen at least a chance to win over political adversaries, LaMalfa, on the other hand takes everything personally. That night was no exception – as I got the usual glares from him. (Of course, I’d be mad too after the Redding Record Searchlight just lit him on fire Saturday…)

I observed LaMalfa / Nielsen’s hand-picked opponent for Dan Logue mixing in the crowd and he was sitting next to Rob Klotz who has aspirations of his own for higher office. James Gallagher – a Sutter Supervisor, the only one not to endorse Dan Logue thus far was holding court. Look for Gallagher to be the next anointee of the Nielsen/LaMalfa crew.

George Runner was the Keynote speaker and did quite well. Runner and LaMalfa have been close – so the Sutter GOP Lincoln dinner was a reunion of sorts.

The Sutter GOP Cent Com is reputed to have been taken over by Team Nielsen/LaMalfa and was cleaned out of a lot of their political opponents. They took a run at the Placer Cent Com and missed. It was and is interesting to see the differences in the events between Placer and Sutter.

Charlie was there as was open-borders advocate Tony Carlos. Kim Vann was also present – it was interesting to see the interactions throughout the night… they were informative.

Sutter could once again be a standout county with some more leadership. I’d hope that could come from Gallagher, Klotz or some of these younger guys… However, I’ve seen the pattern repeat itself so many times in the inter-party stuff I am not terribly hopeful.

Like with the Yuba Dinner – there was no sighting of David Stafford Reade.

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  1. I love all the gossip! Keep it coming!!!

  2. The fun part is about David Stafford Reade’s new friends – that is coming soon. (You might know some of them…)

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