Jan 102012

Bonnie Gore is running to replace the Termed-Out John Allard on Roseville City Council. Republicans seem to like her – she used to work for State Senator Rico Oller.

Moderate Republican Carol Garcia is running for re-election. Garcia was not endorsed by the placer GOP the first time she ran as at the time she had only been a Republican for about a year.

Another Democrat-turned-Republican Pauline Rocucci is also running for re-election. Unlike Garcia (who supports republicans for other offices), Rocucci helped Ted Gaines and others exact political revenge on former Supervisor Rocky Rockholm. Instead Rocucci campaigned for labor-union Democrat Jack Duran. ($10,000 from the AFL-CIO for example)

I am still irritated over the Tim Herman vs Sam Cannon raceĀ  and everything that was manipulated behind the scenes to manufacture the outcome – but may yet support Carol Garcia. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to speak with her at some point.

It remains to be seen who else will run – everyone is expecting Far-Left Rene Aguilera to file as it is his pattern to do so in off years from his school board seat. Aguliera is on the Placer County Democrat Central Committee.

Roseville City School District

Rumor is that Susan Goto, in her 80’s will retire.

Extreme Left Homosexual Activist Gary Miller (and Dem Cent Com member) is up for re-election.

As with Roseville City Council – Republican options seem to be limited at this time. Any Republican interested in running – please contact the Placer CRA at www.placer-cra.org

Roseville Joint Union High School District:

Jan Pinney and Gary Genzlinger look to both be retiring.

Teacher’s union darling and proponent of the 55% Parcel Tax Bill Paige Stauss is intending to run for re-election.

No One has stepped up yet from any camp.

Eureka Joint Union School District –

Both Republican Incumbents look to be running for re-election. The Teacher’s Union wants the reserves of the district badly for pay increases – will they recruit candidates?

Sup District 4 – Kirk Uhler is going to be covered extensively and separately.

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  2 Responses to “Roseville Race Update”

  1. You forgot that the newly-slimmed down David Larson might try and run again. He’s an extremely ambitious man that has a lot of Dem backing.

  2. Mr. Larson is an enigma. Dem Cent Com Member. Gay.

    Seems to have a conservative streak on certain issues – on other issues, a vassal of the unions.

    He has also had an affinity to endorse Republicans running for office as well… You very well could have Mr. Larson and Mr. Aguilera BOTH in at the same time – definately a bizarre dynamic.

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