Jan 082012

I struggle sometimes to understand how an extreme leftist like Camille Maben has so much support from the Right in Rocklin.

Rocklin is 2-1 GOP by registration – even though voter turnout is usually horrendous. (It was about 11% in the AD-04 Special Election)

Camille Maben is up for Re-Election in 2012 – she is an extreme leftist who used to work for Delaine Eastin. (at least she is honestly a registered Dem)

If you read the history textbooks that our children are being taught from it is appalling. And the genesis of these revisionist textbooks happened under Eastin’s watch.

How would it make you feel to know millions of Children are being taught that George Washington was a hypocrite because he owned slaves? Or that children are being taught that Abraham Lincoln did the emancipation proclamation as a political ploy?

Camille Maben.

Maben recently supported SB48 – the homosexual indoctrination bill. This bill will force school districts to spend millions of dollars on new history books so that children can be taught about gay sex, how sex-changes are ok and the role of people that engage in the aforementioned actions in society.

How do you like that? Lincoln, Hypocrite, Harvey Milk – a county supervisor from San Francisco – hero.

Thank you Camille Maben.

Ms. Maben’s control issues don’t stop there – she hasn’t decided on whether she wants to run for re-election or not.

I have spoken to several in the community about the out-of-control Kevin Brown. Brown is a union moonbat that is on a rampage Jihad against Charter schools.

Kevin Brown and Camille Maben came in to the education community through similar circles.

Brown went behind the back of the Rocklin School Board and filed lawsuits against Maria Montessori and the WSCA. It is likely he will lose both lawsuits and cost the district tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Camille Maben wants to control who replaces Kevin Brown if he steps down.

No thanks, Camille. We can’t afford anymore absurd lawsuits or educational mandates that force parents to pay for education that is both a lie and an enathma to their values.

Camille Maben – You’re dead wrong and look forward to seeing this blogger campaign against you if you file for re-election.

Note: Maben also endorsed Charlie Brown over Tom McClintock.

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  One Response to “Local Race Update: Camille Maben did What?”

  1. Camille Maben is not a good person. She also claims to care for children while raising and condoning the bad behavior of her own co-dependent daughter, Maggie. In the attempt to assist and alienate Camille Maben’s granddaughters biological father from her life. Camille foots the attorney bill to keep her granddaughters father from having any quality family time. Camille might assist in passing a lot of bills for the good of children, but for her own granddaughter, she sits her in front of the TV as a sitter and feeds her sugar products all day. He own daughter is out of control and unstable. Constantly moving out of the house, leaving her daughter to be cared for my Camille, not the child’s father, and then moves back into the house to be supported by Camille and her husband. While the father of her grandchild has been the only person to teach the child appropriate behavior, manners, potty training, hygiene, how to read, write, tell time and so on. This woman is no good for Rocklin or first 5.

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