Jan 042012

Proposition 14 was passed by angry voters looking to screw the political parties. Proposition 25 was passed by people looking to penalize the legislature for partisan gridlock.

Paradox – those same voters were too stupid to realize they’d been had.

Prop 14 will make it even easier for the rich to buy elections and for the smoke-filled rooms to pick nominees.

Prop 25 created a simple-majority budget – effectively handing complete control of the state’s finances to special interests.

And Republicans are hell-bent on fighting each 0ther.

In 2011, I learned what politics is all about – a large group on both sides of the aisle of narcissistic self-serving primadonnas that forget who brought them to the dance, or worse yet use and betray people to get what they want. Power.

The flip side of Prop 14? No incumbent is safe. The days of being able to “reign” while in office are over. Prop 34 (donation limits) and Term Limits started that process – now Prop 14 finished that process.

You can’t grandstand on issues you know nothing about anymore without consequences. You can’t claim to be a conservative while refusing to lead without consequences.

The world is turned on its’ ear – you no longer run for Congress / Senate / Assembly or State Senate as a member of a political party. Your strategy has to be different and your decisions have to be wise – everyone votes in the General Election Primary and in the top two runoff.

Wisdom means publicly owning up to your decisions.

Wisdom means making your own decisions in the first place – based on conviction not calculation.

Wisdom means honoring friendships and alliances.

As a member of a political party – you have to face down voters in the other parties in June and can no longer hide behind rigged lopsided registrations in many districts to avoid the tough choices.

California can be healed and repaired, but only with a generation of benevolent, wise leaders.

In 2012, the GOP has an opportunity to replace Dynasty with Accountability, the GOP has an opportunity to raise up a new crop of leaders that will help build the infrastructure.

That choice is yours voters – and stay tuned to this blog for more info as events unfold.

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