Jan 202012

Enter Jerry Brown.

Yawn. Time to pay more taxes, cuz it’s for the children.

California has 13% of America’s Population and 33% of the Welfare Cases. What’s the solution – CUT EDUCATION, CLOSE DOWN PARKS and RELEASE FELONS EARLY. Heaven forbid we cut welfare…

… but I digress.

Enter my Assemblymember, Beth Gaines. Beth was annointed by the Family Dynasty to reign over the serfs of the old AD-04 and now the serfs of AD-06. Her reign has not been filled with much until recently (hey, it’s time to get re-elected, you know???)

Jerry Brown wants to rheem us for another $5Billion!

Enter Beth Gaines : Republican lawmakers were roundly critical. “I was really looking forward to hearing some fresh ideas, some innovative ideas and some real leadership,” said Assemblywoman Beth Gaines, zero-Roseville. “Unfortunately, I didn’t hear that. … Raising taxes is not going to help our economy.”

oooooooh, I just got goosebumps all over…

The voters of AD-06 have been looking for anything, a return phone call, a complete sentence, anything…

The problem for Beth Gaines is that Jerry Brown’s speech was leadership – in the wrong direction, but it is in a direction… out of the broom closet and off a cliff. The Problem for Beth Gaines is that Dale Carnegie courses and John Maxwell books require personal application in order to take effect and a re-election campaign is an impossible venue for such an epiphany.

Please, someone file in AD-06. As we deserve Representation, not Coronation.

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  One Response to “Beth Gaines – Inspirational Leader…”

  1. Right on Aaron…………The reason Beth Gains always votes NO on pieces of legislation is because she can’t read them. Ever look at her voting record. It’s no no no no no……..Best way to get out of not knowing what your doing.

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