Nov 152011

It’s all about Charles Munger.

He paid consultants to lie to delegates to get their support for a moderate platform that was devoid of most everything people associate with the Republican Party.

Munger also financed Prop 11 and Prop 20 that created the re-districting commission that was corrupted by the labor unions and trial lawyers. Now, that the commission is being challenged for lines that may violate the Voting Rights Act (as well as common sense) with regard to the State Senate Districts and lines that were rigged to put the GOP below the 1/3 threshold to stop tax increases – Munger is trying to save himself at the expense of all Republicans.

So to the GOP Moderates that aligned with Munger – the joke’s on you. You were used – unless of course, you agree that the GOP is a bigger problem than the Democrats.

The referendum got to critical mass and Charles Munger called days before the signatures were due in a last-ditch attempt to convince the proponents NOT to file. After $2.5 million was spent to gather the signatures – Munger tried to stop them from filing?

You can’t draw any other conclusion that in Charles Munger’s mind that Prop 11 and Prop 20 were about him and not about fair districts, the GOP or anything else. It appears he is out to screw all Republicans- Moderate and Conservative alike. What other motive could he have for wanting to allow us to go below 13 in the State Senate? Pride.

But now, Munger’s sister is in the act. She started a group that sued successfully to screw over rural school districts regarding school building funds – she got a court to agree to re-direct about $1billion in construction funds to corrupt, urban school districts like the LA Unified School District at the expense of rural school districts.

So – if you live in Roseville or Granite Bay and are wondering why all the new school buildings have to be built with Bond Money – it is because a court decided at the behest of the Mungers that “School Funding Equality” should be the order of the day. AKA – your property taxes are being diverted to East LA to build their schools while you have to further tax yourself to build schools here.

Molly Munger is proposing a tax increase initiative for the November 2012 ballot. No wonder why Charles Munger had a GOP platform created that had no mention of lower taxes in it???

Fox and Hounds was first out of the gate on this story.

I guess we should refer to Charles and Molly Munger as the Obama/Biden wing of the Republican Party.

Here is a great quote from the article:

Molly Munger is a civil rights attorney. Following a career as a federal prosecutor and business litigator, she centered her practice on equality issues often dealing with education. Through the organization she co-founded, The Advancement Project, Munger won a major lawsuit against the state to secure a more equitable share of state school building funds for urban school districts.

Together with Co-Directors Steve English and Connie Rice, Munger filed a lawsuit, Godinez v. Davis, that won approximately $1 billion for new school construction in Los Angeles and other urban areas – money previously slated for less crowded, more affluent suburban school districts.

Nice, Huh – now you know why I lit up David Stafford Reade, Doug LaMalfa and others for playing footsies with this guy…

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