Nov 142011

Gotta love Republicans. This time the moderates are doing what Conservatives are famous for – all jumping in to a race, pointing the fingers at each other to get out, then assuring the victory for the candidate none of them like.

A deputy DA from Sutter County joins Pizza Manager Tim Core, Liberal Republican Supervisor Kim Dolbow-Vann Vann and -34 in the CA-03 race – his name is Tony Carlos.

Mr. Carlos like Vann and Garamendhi (who happens to be the Dem Incumbent) supports open borders.

Heck, maybe the Lake County Undertaker, the Yolo County Dog Catcher and the Western Sac County mugwump manager will join the race, too? At this point, David Reade could use some of the money he’s made over the years undermining the Republican Party to run…

The Willows Journal had the announcement.

Note that Carlos sounds like a Ron Paul guy – absolutely no mention of the social issues. I’ve seen enough of those in my lifetime.

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  2 Responses to “Another Moderate Joins CA-03 Race”

  1. I find it interesting you are only mentioning Kim Vann and Charlie Schaupp. I think you are missing a HUGE opponent of Charlie Schaupp. Rick Tubbs is the TRUE conservative in the race and had the support of EVERY conservative group in the area in his bid against George Miller in 2010. In addition, he won this area with 57% of the vote. If you truly want to elect a TRUE conservative with Solutions, you want Rick Tubbs. If not, I think it would only be truthful to state that you work for Charlie Schaupp as to not deceive the voters of Congressional district 3. If you want more information about Rick Tubbs, you can always contact him at [email protected]

  2. Christy – it has been publicly disclosed for two months that I work for Mr. Schaupp – thanks again for the visit.

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