Oct 162011

Jim Nielsen has a fan club.

Don Bird is a 76-year old retired marine whose life mission has been to get Gentleman Jim thrown in state prison for living in Woodland outside the soon to be old 2nd Assembly District while running for office there. (That is illegal as there are different rules for state office versus congress)

Barry Clausen is another who has been a constant pain in Gentleman Jim Nielsen’s tail.

On one hand, I understand how it feels to have a psychotic, obsessed maniac that will stop at nothing to get me or my family thrown in prison over a political disagreement – however, Don Bird and Barry Clausen are not psycho nor are they lying about Gentleman Jim’s residency – in addition, to my knowledge, they have never said Jim Nielsen is getting investigated by the FBI over it, either.

Barry Clausen wrote an op-ed about Jim Nielsen’s mental state. It appears that the constant harassment over his double-wide in Gerber (where Nielsen is supposed to be living, versus the $750K home in a Woodland gated community) is indeed getting to Gentleman Jim.

I got multiple accounts of a public appearance Jim Nielsen made on behalf of Liberal Republican Colusa Supervisor Kim Dolbow-Vann in Lake County where the majority of his comments were about being stalked by a 76-year old man.

There was also talk about a vacuum cleaner salesman (who was visiting trailer homes in Gerber!?) and Jim Nielsen recounting a story about saluting Ronald Reagan… it all seems bizarre. Politics is bizarre 24/7, let me tell you.

  2 Responses to “Investigative Reporter Barry Clausen Abuses Gentleman Jim Nielsen Some More”

  1. Barry Clausen is a psycho with nothing left to do in his pitiful life than make up stories about ecoterrorists and harass Jim Nielson. He needs to be out in a home out of the vicinity of the people he has hurt and the children he has ruined the lives of.

  2. @ Sarah – Interesting that you gave no substantiation for your opinion(s) and accusations. I happen to know the man and he has never hurt nor ruined the lives of children. If you have a valid complaint, then state it. I see Clausen as an honorable man who tries to get to the truth and if that truth is inconvenient for those exposed, well so be it.

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