Apr 122011

For many years, the Camp Pendleton RA, the Alpine Heights RA, and the San Diego RA have either not sent delegations to a CRA Conventions, have not met or have existed only on paper.

In the blink of an eye however, these units have come to life- they are all sending three delegates to the CRA Spring Convention.

The Greater Santee RA is a little different than the above three as they seem to meet occasionally and their Unit President is a CRA Board member.

When Aaron Park spoke with Greater Santee President Frank Hilliker – he seemed to be unaware that Jordan Marks (who actually lives in the territory of Alpine) was going to be in his unit. In addition, he seemed to be aware that a State Senator’s office was running a drill, but was not aware it would involve two Sacramento County residents being assigned to his unit for delegate duty. I applaud these Sacramento delegates for their incredible dedication to drive over 550 miles to attend unit meetings and stand for election to become delegates!  

One thing I found to be very interesting is that all four units must have either the same unit President or unit Secretary; as each of the unit delegate forms were in the same handwriting. What is even more interesting is that they were all faxed from 916-498-9273, the Bovee and Company which is a fund-raising firm in Sacramento for legislators. These must be some pretty amazing CRA units to have a high powered fund raising firm handling their unit paperwork and delegate rosters!    

See for yourself when you click here – all four San Diego units are in sequential order from the original source fax of 916-498-9273 which is Bovee and Company in Sacramento.

These units have the same irregularities – people from Sacramento, one individual who is in multiple units etc… .

Are these units functioning in the spirit of what the founders of the CRA intended for delegations to a convention?

There are candidates running for CRA office who see nothing wrong with the four San Diego Fraudres units. They say let’s ignore the blatant fraud that’s going on right now and fix it latter. They never will fix it later because they like things in the CRA just the way they are.

You can take action against the abuse – join the Contract with the CRA, vote for the Contract with the CRA candidates and put a stop to the abuse of the CRA.

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