Apr 022011

RE-Elect Aaron F Park CRA Sgt. At Arms

The Contract with the CRA is critical to the future of the CRA – if you want to stop consultant manipulation and endorsement fraud, join the Contract with the CRA.

It has been a privilege to be active in the CRA for years. I have served as a Unit President and as Your Sgt. At Arms since 2003.

·         As an Officer / President of the Placer CRA our unit is one of the 10 largest in the CRA despite serving a smaller area than most legitimate CRA Units

·         In 2004, we raised $41,000 – toppling a 20 year incumbent and his henchman from the Sierra College Board. (we also contributed to Karen England’s campaign for Roseville High School Board)

·         In 2010, we raised and spent $10,000 in support of a Republican Supervisorial candidate + defending the Placer CRA Majority on the Central Committee

·         Since 2003 – the Placer CRA has directly impacted the campaigns of 7 local Republican officeholders – including my Own Mother!I have been more than a Sgt at Arms. Effective leaders leave a legacy and the local elected officials that are in office in Placer as a result of the intervention of the Placer CRA tell the real story:

Linda M Park – Roseville Joint Union High School District
Suzanne Jones – Placer Board of Education
Eric Teed-Bose – Eureka Union School District
Diana Ruslin – Rocklin City Council
Aaron Klein – Sierra College Board
Scott Leslie – Sierra College Board
Melanie Eustice – Western Placer School District

In addition, we endorsed and supported Sam Cannon for City Council twice! You will recognize that name as he is running for CRA Voter Registration Secretary.

It was a privilege to co-author the Contract with the CRA as I am passionate about cleaning up the fraud in the CRA endorsement process.

Over the years – it has been quite a privilege working with fellow Conservatives, fellow Christians and friends in the CRA!

We’ve made an impact in Placer and I am honored to have your support to continue doing so!

Aaron F Park


The following candidates support the Contract with the CRA and recognize the critical importance of reforming the CRA to ensure that we grow our membership, increase our strength while maintaining the integrity of the CRA – won’t you join the team?

Celeste Greig – President
|Karl Heft – Vice President
Cliff Wagner – Vice President
Tim Thiesen – Vice President
Bob Kowell – Vice President
Mike Zimmerman – Vice President
Tom Hudson – Vice President
George E. Park, Jr. – Membership Secretary
Craig Alexander – Recording Secretary|
Janine Heft – Corresponding Secretary
Sam Cannon – Voter Registration Secretary
Baron Night – Assistant Treasurer
Aaron F Park – Sgt at Arms
Angel Zarobinski – National Committeewoman

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