Apr 172011

Prologue – This convention had been framed as a battle of activists vs consultants. The consultants came out after us fangs bared. Many of you heard about the lawsuit against the CRA that the “restore the CRA” team hailed.

What you may not have seen or heard of in the lead up to the CRA Convention were the anonymous emails sent to the entire CRA membership list (most likely provided to their side by former membership secretary Peggy Mew) alleging a variety of crimes committed or the late night phone calls to Celeste Greig’s home threatening her, people calling unit Presidents in order to interfere with the credentialling process, calls to individual CRA members, and similar threats and chicanery as we’ve dealt with on the Placer GOP Central Committee.

This stuff got especially bad after the lawsuit with the chest-beating going on.

A lot of you political insiders have heard a ton about the CRA Convention. I was in the middle of the entire convention as the Sgt. at Arms. Part of my “job” was counting votes – and there were a ton of them.

It started at 3pm on Friday with my Sister-in-law and Karen Atteberry getting harrassed by Mark Spannagel and David Reade for refusing to take checks. Mr Reade followed up by filming me on his phone explaining that we had adopted a cash-only policy for late registrations.

They also chose to station themselves by the reg table cat-calling people telling them they were contributing to Placer CRA PAC with their payments. The whining and threats surrounding the payment policy were a consistent theme for the weekend.

That was the beginning from where I sat.

We had a 4pm Board meeting with a limited agenda that took 1.5 hours do to hair-splitting arguments over temporary convention rules.

Fortunately, I had a team of Deputy Sgts. that ended up playing a significant role in the convention.

That evening, we were dispatched to ensure that the Credentials Committee and Rules Committee could meet without being interrupted – as had happened at 3pm previously.

We were threatened with lawsuits, having the sheriff’s office called on us and the mantra of “transparency” was used the entire weekeend as some sort of rallying cry.

We did the job we were asked to do – that was to keep the convention proceedings secure from disturbances.

For that – I am a villian.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not innocent. I threw my share of bombs… however, the consultants that had serious financial interests in this convention went after George and I with ferocity paralleled by few.

One of the interesting sidebars is that my Prescription Sunglasses got stolen while I was doing my job in a meeting. Just amazing.

After the incidents perpretrated by Mark Spannagel and David Reade at the very beginning of the convention – I knew it was going to be a long weekend.

I got home at Midnight Friday after playing door guard for the committee meetings for 2 hours after the Friday Dinner. (Don’t forget – I have served as and ran for CRA Sgt at Arms voluntarily.)

The saul alinsky tactics were all there – intimidation, threats, filming people, doing the shout down routine and the like.

— and then there was Saturday… to be continued.

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