Mar 032011

One word – Ouch.

While rumors of last-second coordinated independent expenditures are flying (with one already on the air) on Beth Gaines’ behalf… and with the aforementioned Beth Gaines staging a media event this morning…

… in comes this bombshell. A paper, that leans conservative and was widely expected to endorse Beth Gaines, has not.

They endorsed John Allard. The article is linked here

John Allard endorsed

Only one of the eight candidates for the 4th Assembly District can hit the ground running. Our support goes to the person who fits that description — John Allard.

Allard served as chief of staff 12 years for Tim Leslie, both in the Assembly and Senate. He then did a stint as chief spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

He knows the Capitol and he knows state government. Additionally, he knows local government. He won election twice to the Roseville City Council, having previously served a term on the city Planning Commission there.

But the No. 1 attribute in our minds is his pledge that he is a no-vote on putting the five-year tax hike extension on the ballot.

His campaign flier says, “I’ve pledge to oppose all higher taxes.”

The state doesn’t have a revenue problem, he told the Mountain Democrat, but rather, “The state has a spending problem.”

“l’ll focus on two things: the budget and how to turn the economy around,” Allard said.

We haven’t talked to all eight candidates. Many of them are elusive. But we believe we have talked to the more serious and engaged ones. John Allard is by far and away the best qualified candidate. He can articulate his goals clearly and has a track record of following his conservative principles and acting on them.

Roseville’s budget was cut 20 percent recently. And that included some concessions by the Police Department. These concessions enabled the city to maintain its police force. In his quest for the Assembly Allard lists public safety as No. 1 in importance to him, followed by education, which he believes is currently failing the next generation.

Allard is endorsed by his former boss, retired Sen. Tim Leslie, by retired Congressmen John Doolittle and Doug Ose, three different police associations, a raft of Roseville, Rocklin and Placer County officials and retired CDF fire chief and El Dorado Irrigation District Director George Osborne, along with fellow EID Director Bill George. That’s a double George endorsement. He is also backed by Lew Uhler, president of the National Tax Limitation Committee.

Add our name to the list. The Mountain Democrat endorses small business owner and Roseville City Councilman John Allard for the District 4 Assembly seat. The election is March 8.

OK – so they forgot to mention the CRA, I guess I can let them live…

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  6 Responses to “AD-04 Update: ElDorado Mountain Democrat Endorses John Allard for Assembly”

  1. Beth Gaines is a gas! Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun! I heard she held an event this morning at Roseville gas station, deep in Allard territory. Apparently, she was comping customers 20 cents a gallon. Something to do with fighting for equality in gas taxation.

  2. AVM – Isn’t that the same as “buying” a vote? Did any papers get a hold of this…very illegal.

  3. I remember student body elections in elementary school where classmate’s would offer free candy prior to the election too. Does she promise to make recess longer too?

  4. Hmmm… isn’t Beth’s campaign supposed to reimburse the gas station for the comping?

    OR is the gas station supposed to do an in-kind reporting?

  5. @ Conservatist – ROFL!!!

  6. Has there even been a Campanele sighting? I haven’t seen any signs, other than the ones left over from the last election. Is he doing any campaigning at all? Does he think he can force a run-off just because he has a Dem after his name?

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