Mar 052011

From Wayne Nader – a businessman from Auburn and long-time political insider in Placer County:

What I have heard is that the CDP is hoping that Beth is the top vote getter.  Since there is only one democrat running and so many Republicans, there is a strong likelihood that the democrat will come in second.  The CDP sees Beth as a very weak candidate and if she wins they will pour in money and resources to try and put this seat in the D column.  Could Ahmanson be helping in this effort?

This doevtails very well with the info from Speaker John Perez’ office from three weeks ago that said the very same thing.

Meantime – Activists from Southern California are speaking out against the meddling in a Northern California race by a rich guy from Orange County:

The latest twist just came in the last 48 hours was a surprising $75,000 donation from Orange County Democrat Howard Ahmanson, Jr. to the “California Taxpayers Advocate”, which is an Independent  Expenditure Committee based in San Diego controlled by Catherine Anderson and Nancy Haley….

What does Mr. Ahmanson gain from this campaign contribution to an Independent Expenditure Committee?

Beth Gaines claims to be a “Conservative Republican”, but forgets that she is using her “political equity” by using the last name to have a seat in the State Assembly.

Yikes. Read the rest of Allen Wilson’s post here.

  5 Responses to “AD-04 Update: Backlash Against SoCal Democrat Support of Beth Grows”

  1. Politics makes strange bedfellows. Stop the shocked and indignant act because this goes on all the time and you know it.

    Editor’s Note: People use drugs all the time – doesn’t make it right.
    People cheat on their spouses all the time – doesn’t make it right.

    In this case AVM, try selling your logic to Republican voters, the type of which will vote in this election, that it’s OK to benefit from the largesse of a Rich Democrat?

  2. AVM, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see the truth before them. Beth Gaines IS NOT the best candidate in this race. Read the El Dorado County newspaper’s endorsement of John Allard. Beth expected their endorsement and is heavily relying of the El Dorado County vote to win — it won’t happen and she loses.

  3. And, AVM, Democrats win all the time too, looks like they have their chosen candidate.

  4. A conservative, Christian philanthropist has poured $75,000 into a new round of mail pieces and radio advertisements backing Republican Beth Gaines in the 4th Assembly District. He also used to fund the CRA!!! You know this to be true… The whole gloom and doom stuff is pathetic as usual!! Dem winning AD4 – NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!!

    Editor’s Note – he now advocates for tax increases

  5. Rodney, I read up on this Ahmanson guy, he’s a democrat, besides being anti-gay marriage, he’s most definitely not a conservative. He is for tax credits for the poor, tax increases for middle and upper class wage earners, and he thinks the tax pledge is garbage.

    What I meant was, looks like between the two candidate who can win the Democrats (meaning tax raising, give the money to the poor socialists) have chosen their candidate. Maybe they realize Beth isn’t tough enough to do what she says she’ll do.

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