Feb 012011

Beth Gaines got out of the box with her first mailer. It appears to be targeted to the Non-Roseville part of the district.

UPDATE – 2/1/2011 – The Mailer was seen in Roseville Mailboxes today. It may well have been targeted to only extremely high propensity voters.

There are some keys to notice:

Side one – the generic (but very good) picture of Beth Gaines with the generic quote about the excesses of Sacramento.

Please note the 1/2 page size – suggesting trying to save limited funds. The fact this did not hit Roseville also suggests as such.

Also note the address is that of Dave Gilliard.

Side Two – more pictures, but no Ted Gaines.

Note there are four bullets of positions instead of the usual three.

The quote on top is generic, again.

There are no endorsements listed on the mailer.

I can draw the conclusion from this mailer that Beth Gaines is trying to:

* Be independent of Ted Gaines.

* Get to the right of John Allard.

* Hide the smaller endorsement list.

I am not sure if this helps Beth other than a name ID booster – but the attempt to separate from Ted Gaines is key.

Will Beth’s next mailer be a hit piece against John Allard?

Below is a sample of the campaign buttons being made – either by her campaign manager Rodney Stanhope or by volunteers.

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  2 Responses to “Beth Gaines First Mailer – Generic”

  1. By volunteers in Sacramento County!! They are great and I have plenty for you Aaron – How many did you need for your friends?

  2. Hey by the way thanks for the vote of confidence, but alas I have to correct you!! I’m not the campaign manager.. That position is already taken by someone else… I am just a oh shall I say nothing and have more fun!!

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