Feb 152011

My email box has been lighting up today.

There was a volunteer update announcing that the Beth Gaines team now has yard signs. Does this continue to suggest that team Gaines is short on funds? Allard had signs two weeks ago.

There was another announcing a Third ElDorado supervisor endoring Beth Gaines.

There was another email attacking John Allard for what looked like lunch money from a little-known PAC – it was a coordinated attack for sure as I’d expect a mailer from the main Gaines Campaign with similar subject matter in the mail soon.

Please note that Lew Uhler / National Tax Limitation Committee and the California Republican Assembly are supporting John Allard.

Then, John Allard’s latest campaign email hit my inbox:

Allard Earns Broad Endorsements From All Over the Region

Sac Bee calls him ‘the clear choice’; slams Gaines

Roseville – Small businessman and State Assembly candidate John Allard, who continues to garner endorsements from all over the 4th Assembly District region, is now counting The Sacramento Bee and the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) among his numerous supporters.

In its February 14 editorial “Allard is the clear choice for Assembly District 4,” The Sacramento Bee writes, “People living in the Assembly District from Roseville to Lake Tahoe should seize the moment by electing John Allard….Allard is thoughtful and will be his own man…”

The Bee went on to slam Allard’s opponent Beth Gaines, writing that it’s “not clear she is ready for office.” It cited a Rocklin Chamber of Commerce event last week where Gaines, “relied on notes to answer questions that were far from tough.”

Allard has also secured the endorsement of PORAC, the largest law enforcement association in the state and the largest statewide association in the United States, representing 60,000-plus officers including public safety officers from Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer and Alpine Counties.

“The support of The Sacramento Bee and PORAC, along with so many other individuals and organizations throughout the district, is clear evidence that my candidacy is solid and I have the experience and qualifications to put the 4th District on the radar in the State Assembly,” said Allard.

The Sacramento Bee and PORAC’s endorsements add to Allard’s long list of supporters including the California Republican Assembly, National Tax Limitation President Lew Uhler, the Roseville and Sacramento Police Officers Associations and the Sacramento Young Republicans.

No wonder why there was a pre-emptive strike from the Gaines camp (about having signs / volunteers / Sup number three)? It seems kind of like taking a screwdriver to a gunfight…

This thing is far from over and NEVER, ever count anyone named Gaines out.

  3 Responses to “AD-04 Update: Today is Email War Day”

  1. What??? An email war and I wasn’t in on it? I feel left out! What was this PAC thing with Allard? Did you receive an annon tip or was it from the Gaines camp?

  2. Some 23-year old kid sent an email on behalf of the Gaines Campaign. It had no pac ID on it and was poorly written.

  3. Let me guess Allard took like 10k in perks or per diem or something.

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