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Dave Gilliard is a professional. He is hired to win elections and to do so through whatever means necessary.

Yesterday, I smelled a rat when I got an email in my inbox. There were a few reasons, 1. a PAC I had never heard of sent it (without a disclaimer on the email), 2. It was poorly written, 3. the timing suggested that is was coordinated in an attempt to generate media ahead of a mail peice.

I was not disappointed.

The author of the email, Matt Donnellan, is a College Republican friend of Andre’ Levesque – the current campaign manager of the Beth Gaines for Assembly Campaign. The local rag dutifully picked up the story.

Cozy. Almance Advisors that  placed the $25k Radio Buy for the oogabooga (sp?) tribe of Gilliard Indians from Tehama County – shares an office with… Gillard. Cozier.

However, today – we have a whole new angle! Meet Mr. Government!!!

The Horror!!!

Remember folks, Beth Gaines (aka Steve Davey) has to sign off on this stuff before it goes out. The wife of someone who has been in office almost 15 years is attacking someone in office for 6 years!!!

If you’re in Local Government like Diana Ruslin and Scott Yuill – look close.

You too can get assailed for taking a cell phone and an internet connection from the City of Rocklin! Taxpayers save thousands because City Councilmembers work from home and the city neither has to staff or maintain an office.

(remember when Roger Niello told us about Ted’s $120K in Per Diem, perks as a county supervisor, the $100K in revenue sharing? Ted took the same perks as John Allard as a Roseville Councilmember! They matter in this discussion because Beth benefitted from them, too as she reported no income of her own on her form 700’s…)

If you’re in local government like Ray Nutting or Ron Briggs – look close…

You too could be called a county/city bureaucrat! Especailly if you’re dumb enough to serve on a planning commission before getting elected to local office.

If you’re a lobbyist like Karen England (who has taken money from Ted Gaines for years and has endorsed Beth Gaines) – you too could get torched in a mailer… because Mr. Government was an employee of a group that lobbies the State Government. (so, that makes him a lobbyist, right?) If you want to run for assembly, be careful who you work for!!!

This mailer tells me a few things:

1. Beth Gaines is not raising a lot of money.

2. Beth Gaines’ lead has evaporated.

3. Dave Gilliard is having to dig deep to make a hit against John Allard.

4. When they mention that John Allard is from Roseville – they are admitting that John will torch them in Roseville.

5. The sourcing on some of the points made was deliberately vague.

The mailer had all the elements you need except telling the reader why they should support Beth Gaines. (That is a marketing Epic Fail) 

It was obviously designed for the I-hate-the-Government voter with its’ theme.

In campaigns, you run as if there is no tomorrow. This is obvious – because the Gaines campaign sets everyone in local government on fire.

Somewhere, Bruce Kranz is shaking his head telling a whole lot of people, “I told you so…”

P.S. The people mentioned by name were/are endorsers of Beth Gaines.

Blogger’s Note: I am really shaking my head at this one – it looks like the double-dipping attack / signs etc really struck a nerve…

It has been said that the Gaines’ are loyal to no one and have no friends – this hit peice certainly lends credence to that charge.

Click here for a low-quality scan of the peice in question.

  4 Responses to “AD-04 Update: This thing is tied and the gloves come off”

  1. And they’re even outsourcing cronies from Southern California? Do they take the voters for suckers?

  2. Well there goes the “poor me” act, that mailer was vicious! I guess they didn’t like their taxpayer funded salaries getting questioned.

  3. Won’t Allard, if wins the seat, receive a taxpayer-funded salary too?

  4. Yes I imagine he will, of course it will be the only one in his family, and he won’t have already taken thousands in unnecessary per diem. But, I guess dynasty building has to be paid for by someone.

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