Feb 142011

Sometimes they suprise me. Read it here

Did I mention that sometimes the Sacramento Bee surprises me???

First off – they lit up Beth Gaines. No Suprise there – they endorsed Roger Niello over Ted Gaines and they have attacked Ted for years.

Secondly – I emboldened the line where they complemented Rob Matthews.

Third – they stayed in character, chiding John Allard for signing the no new taxes pledge. (while endorsing him)

People living in the Assembly district that stretches from Roseville to Lake Tahoe have an opportunity to trade up. They should seize the moment by electing John Allard.

Allard is one of seven Republicans and a Democrat running in a March 8 special election to fill the seat left vacant when Ted Gaines won the Senate seat that opened when Dave Cox died.

Allard would arrive with a firm grasp of how the Capitol works. He is a Roseville city councilman and operates a house cleaning service with his wife.

Importantly, Allard worked for 11 years as chief of staff to Tim Leslie, a former assemblyman and senator who represented the area ably. Leslie understood the virtue of treating people with civility despite policy disagreements. Allard’s demeanor is similarly old school.

Like Leslie, Allard is conservative. He signed an anti-tax pledge promising he will not raise taxes. Such pledges, pushed by professional conservatives, needlessly tie the hands of legislators.

If Allard is elected, he says he would not vote for Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to place before voters an extension of taxes due to expire later this year. We disagree with that stand, too. But Allard is thoughtful and will be his own man on most other issues.

Among the other candidates, Rob Matthews, another Roseville Republican, is making his first run. He is straightforward and will have a future in politics.

Beth Gaines, the wife of Sen. Gaines, also is making her first run for office. Capitalizing on her husband’s fundraising base, Gaines will have sufficient money to run a race, but it’s not clear she is ready for office.

At a Rocklin Chamber of Commerce forum last week, she relied on notes to answer questions that were far from tough. In this field, Allard is the clear choice.

  5 Responses to “AD-04 Update: Sacramento Bee Endorses John Allard (!)”

  1. If anyone thinks that john Allard isn’t going to vote to raise taxes or impose new fees, I’ve got news for you. He did it all the time while on the city council, and shouldn’t that be the criteria we judge him by, not his 11 years as Tim Leslie’s flunky. John Allard will do what is best for John Allard – in the dictionary next to the word “opportunistic” is his photo! His so called conservative cred hasn’t passed the smell test, and I think the liberal Bee knows that. They know Mr. Allard can be counted on to support Brown’s agenda, if need be.

  2. Under the subject of opportunistic – isn’t that the largest negative against Beth Gaines?

    So what do you do, AVM vote for the liberal Bly Chester, because she has a resume or do you vote for Rob Matthews?

  3. What about Mike O’Connor? You said yourself he was knowledgable and well-spoken. I don’t know that much about him, but I do know he is a Vietnam veteran who was a POW, and I believe part of that time was spent in the Hanoi Hilton. I think he might be a good candidate for the Tea Party to endorse (i.e. he’s not GOP establsihment yet a conservative).

  4. More than once I’ve marked my ballot prematurely for a candidate I thought was the “right choice” only to find the skeletons came rattling out of the closet at the 11th hour. Just goes to show the necessity of asking the right probing QUESTIONS in a public debate so we can get to know the candidates inside out. That means the media barrier needs to be busted.

    Allard, Bly-Chester and Gaines may be the identified forerunners. Their feet need to be held to the fire before–not after–the election. However whether they can think on their feet during the Eric Hogue Show next week will determine who is most deserving of the vote.

    Two other viable candidates should be queried to give them a fighting chance.

    O’Connor has a firm handshake, looks you in the eye, is humble and gives direct answers. His military and POW background are necessary qualities to navigate the political minefields.

    Rob Matthews’ poise, background in law enforcement and “bureaucracy busting” bus tour demonstrates this guy has a good head on his shoulders.

    We’ve got a battle ahead of us. On the job training is no substitute for military and law enforcement experience. All things considered, O’Connor and Matthews are deserving of serious consideration.

    This election I’m not endorsing or casting my vote until the 11th hour.

  5. You’re both correct about O’Connor. He has done little campaigning… I like O’Connor, but does he really have a chance?

    Rob Matthews has shown far more “life”. He has no endorsements and not a whole lot of resources, but everyone loves his sincerety. He will be back after this election, to hopefully run for something local.

    Bly-Chester is quite liberal on social issues and on the local Central Committee has been a lightening rod.

    This is why the CRA really only considered Beth and John Allard. I will tell you that the CRA rank and file like Rob Matthews a lot on a personal level.

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