Feb 092011

I am going to assume that the broker on this buy is Almance advisors – run by Carlos Rodriguez whose office is in the same office as Dave Gilliard’s. Dave Gilliard is the consultant for Beth Gaines.

They placed buys for Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa in the previous cycle – funded by the same goup of tribes.

Is this an indication that Beth Gaines has been unable to fully fund her campaign?

Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert linked here.

They appear to have spent the whole $25K on the Clear Channel cluster… 60-70% of whose listeners are not in the district. Such is life when you buy media with these gerrymandered districts.

  One Response to “AD-04 Update: Indians make Radio Buy on Behalf of Beth Gaines”

  1. It’s good to own a family of politicians. You never know when you’ll need votes to expand your gambling casino. A $25,000 radio buy is a cheap investment to ensure a favorable vote.

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