Jan 282011

I couldn’t agree more.

Calpeek did a blurb on the AD-04 race that featured John Allard mostly with mentions of the other candidates.

The third paragraph in the entry was the best…

…Allard seems to be distributing the most news releases. His
most recent ones tout the endorsements of Assemblymembers
Dan Logue and Kristin Olsen; former Assemblyman Rick Keene
and former State Senators Sam Aanestad and Tim Leslie.
perhaps Allard’s best endorsement is from the Calif. Republican
Assembly (CRA)
CRA is the state’s oldest and largest GOP
volunteer organization
. Haven’t received any news releases
from Beth Gaines in the last two weeks. The other candidates
must not have press operations. Stay tuned…

The CRA is not the largest – the Women Federated is… but we are the largest that will pre-primary endorse and we (the CRA) are noted to be staunchly Conservative.

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  5 Responses to “Calpeek: CRA is John Allard’s Best Endorsement”

  1. Beth Gaines got more endorsements. Are you going to post about those?

  2. Send them over – I am not getting beth’s press releases

  3. Beth Gaines said she got Dan Logue. Who’s right?


  4. Thanks. Dan Logue dual endorsed in this race. I am going to post this weekend to catch up on Beth’s endorsements…

  5. You stay classy Dan Logue…

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