Jan 202011

The Sacramento Bee columnist suggests that Beth Gaines is running for Assembly for the $95,000 paycheck.

Given that about a dozen guys got paid $180,000 a year by Meg Whitman to work for her disaster (aka campaign) – I am having a hard time thinking that being a speedbump (aka Republican) in the state assembly is worth $95,000.

Dan Morain of the Bee took his usual cheap shots at Republicans, but the points he made deserve a long look:

He talks about Bill Leonard’s pension of $142,000 a year. (Not far from Robert Tomasini’s)

He talks about the insane salaries people who work in the Board of Equalization appeals board. $7500 a month!?

Then he explains his cheap shots at a litany of Republicans:

Democrat Doris Matsui replaced her husband as Sacramento’s representative in Congress. Democratic brothers Ron, Charles and Tom Calderon have represented the Montebello area in the Assembly and Senate. But Democrats don’t portray themselves as anti-tax purists who are single-minded in their desire to reduce the size of government.

Like lemmings, Gaines, Gaines, Runner, Runner and virtually all other Republicans sign pledges promising that they will “oppose and vote against and all efforts to increase taxes.” There is, alas, no pledge in which they promise not to belly up to the public trough.

Now that is painful, and impossible for a “tax-fighting” Republican to explain.

I’d remind the readers that another “Conservative” Senator Doug LaMalfa has taken $4Million Plus in federal farm subsidies and counting.

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  2 Responses to “CA-04 Update: Did the Sacramento Bee take a Cheap Shot at Beth Gaines?”

  1. I was hoping that Beth would declare that she wouldn’t take her salary if elected. Otherwise, it would be an all-too-obvious connection to make. Not only would it hurt her chances, but the negative publicity would hurt her husband, too. They would be known as the “Greedy Gaineses” or whatever pun you want to use (Capitol Gaines, Our loss, their Gaines, etc.) I don’t know what their political consultants can be thinking.

  2. Ted Gaines is not taking per diem!!! Guess everyone missed that one.

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