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UPDATE: Karen England started backtracking from her “FBI Investigation” comments after being called out via email. She refused to provide any contact info or names of FBI agents despite her claims of having such info. She even went as far as to say she didn’t know who or what was being investigated – despite talking to the media and publicly stating as such at the 1/12/2011 Central Committee meeting. Her credibility is in serious question.

UPDATE 2: alleging an FBI investigation is the perfect political attack. IF someone says you’re lying, all you have to do is go file a complaint. Whether or not it has merit – you’ll get an investigation. Again, in a lengthy email exchange as of the time of this post, Karen refused to provide substantial details about her claim.

Folks – I’ve served in volunteer capacities in the Placer GOP for years to help people get elected.
What we have right now is out of control.

Members of our committee spoke with the local media – one of whom, Karen England even made phone calls to several political insiders in an attempt to “get” George and Tom Hudson.

Does this crap register voters? Does this recruit candidates? Does this help Cheryl’s own Assembly Campaign?

I’ve had offline conversations with several members of the committee trying to work thorugh this crap – but the story by the Bee and now this by the AJ indicate that there are some who crave war. There is a consistent, obsessive attempt to assassinate Tom and George’s character by a disgruntled minority on the committee.

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Ruffalo’s column was replete with gross inaccuracies I left a comment of my own on the hit piece.


Nice hit peice Jim – once again, you did not call anyone for comment.
You were wrong on several accounts. Jeff Allen – not James Allen, was still registered in Placer on that Wednesday. Your sources told you there was a conspiracy and you ran with it. Conservatives in Placer have come to expect this from the AJ.

Ken Campbell – whose comments appear above is still angry about being the former chairman of the Central Committee. He also left the meeting early as has been his pattern for the last several years. (In fact, he did not attend the last four meetings of 2010) It was actually six, but I wrote four in the comment section.
Tom Hudson is not on the executive board was not voted onto the executive board, and Jeff Allen (note his name) did sign a letter appointing Tom Hudson. Had you called – we’d have sent you a copy of it.
Yes, Karen did talk about the FBI, the FPPC and maybe the World Criminal Court from the Hague coming out to her house, but refused to answer my question about whether they were driving Lincoln Town Cars or Hummers.
The one thing you did get right was the spelling of George’s Name. I guess two out of six regarding your other facts would be a passing score in California’s education system.
You can engage in self-righteous indignation and re-register all you want with half a deck and groosly innacurate facts, or you can pick up the phone and balance yourself.

One other thing I’ll note – Ruffalo was whining because George lost election in 2010 to Cent Com and did not deserve appointment by Dan Logue as a result.
Following that logic – We should oppose any effort to appoint Carole
Valliancourt to the Central Committee – quoting Ruffalo:
In case you don’t know, Park was completely repudiated by Republican voters in June, finishing sixth in a four-seat race. But just as rust needs oxidation to do its dirty work, Park had help in getting reborn.

In this case Ruffalo just devastated the case of his sources of information who want Carole appointed onto the Central Committee to replace Jeff Allen. Carole “was completely repudiated by Republican voters in June” and does not deserve a seat on the Committee if you follow Ruffalo.
How far does everyone want to go to get even? Anyone? When do we say enough is enough and bury it?

 Meantime – the left is enjoying this.

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  1. Thank The Lord I live in El Dorado County where we are able to disagree with each other and still work together for the greater cause!!!! I went to a CRA meeting where we had a very heated debate about AD4 candidates and then spent Saturday Night with those same people at an event to raise money for Placerville Kiwanis & Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises!!! The circular firing squad is not loaded in our County – Too Sad for Placer! PEOPLE NEED TO REMEMBER THE MAIN JOB OF REPUBLICANS – GOTV!!!!!!!!

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