Jan 302011

Please note El Dorado is 26% of the Vote
Sacramento County is 13% of the Vote
Alpine is .5% of the Vote
Placer is the remaining 59+% of the Vote

This explains why all candidates execpt Matt Williams are from Placer.

ElDorado Supervisors Ray Nutting and Ron Briggs – both of whom were rumored candidates themselves have endorsed Beth Gaines.

The Nutting endorsement is posted on Gaines’ website.

Beth Gaines campaign operative Rodney Stanhope posted¬†on his facebook page (you’ll have to scroll down to Jan 25th)¬†that Gaines also picked up Briggs and three Placerville City Councilmembers.

El Dorado County endorsement list for Beth Gaines for CA State Assembly!!!
El Dorado County Supervisor & Chairman of the Board Ray Nutting, El Dorado County Supervisor Ron Briggs, Placerville City Councilman Carl Hagen, Placerville City Councilman Dave Machado, Placerville City Councilwoman Wendy Mattson!!!

January 25 at 4:08pm

I think we are caught up on endorsements now…

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  2 Responses to “AD-04 Update: Beth Gaines takes Lead in ElDorado County Endorsement Race”

  1. If the GOP votes are fractured from so many candidates, perhaps the Dem candidate will do better than some might think. Not only can they count on ALL the Dems from all counties voting them (no Dem is going to vote for Allard or Gaines) but probably a sizeable chunk of independents, too. Allard has name recogniton in South Placer, but not much else. Except for city insiders, developers, and the Chamber of Commerce cabal, he isn’t particularly well-liked amongst Roseville voters.

  2. AVM – your comment is consistent with what I am hearing on the street. Not that Allard is a meanie – but, that the Gaines people are trying to make an issue of things that occurred 15-25 years ago.

    Allard has a lot of goodwill down here. This explains why Gaines has an HQ in Placerville and hired Rodney in Placerville and their first efforts have been in Placerville.

    Rob Matthews is walking precincts in Roseville, he told the CRA as such last week. The only other candidate doing any “campaign activity” is Cheryl Bly-Chester who made a buy on KTKZ.

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