Jan 252011

Every endorsement every candidate takes comes with baggage. Some endorsements have far more positives than baggage.

Karen England is baggage.

Karen supported Roger Niello over Ted Gaines for State Senate – but I guess that was then, this is now. She also accused the CRA’s endorsement of  Ted Gaines being bought for $4,000 – but that was then, this is now.

Then Karen England, in violation of CRA and CRP by-laws launched a campaign against Abel Maldonado, the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor (ostensibly for voting for the same tax increases as Roger Niello?). She was removed from both bodies as a result.

Now? Karen England has spoken to the local media about an FBI investigation of the local Republican Central Committee – but when asked for info on the “agents” involved, she refused to give us the contact info so we could call them and offer cooperation. She also backpedaled afterward – what conclusion is one to draw?

She has taken money from several candidates she has supported – Such as $3K from Ted Gaines for Assembly and $27,500 from Doug LaMalfa. However, she self-righteously attacks others for doing basically the same thing (whether they actually got paid or not), while refusing to disclose her own financial interests related to people she supported.

As a Conservative leader – she stood up for Pro-Choice, No on 8 Moderates for Placer County Republican Party offices over their CRA-Aligned Conservative opponents.

The point here? This is not about Beth Gaines, rather…

…Any candidate needs to evaluate the perceived mental health of an endorser and the trail they are leaving behind themselves. Any candidate should look in the local media to see what legacy an endorser has – in Karen’s case, it has been attacking the Conservatives of the Placer GOP, attacking the CRA, supporting Pro-Choice Moderates and taking money while claiming to be a volunteer.

This is why the “Bad Endorsement Alert” has been issued.

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  9 Responses to “AD-04 Update: Bad Endorsement Alert – Conservative Fraud Karen England highlighted by Beth Gaines”

  1. Wow Aaron – Again I am so glad I live in El Dorado County where Republicans don’t try to destroy each other – Placer County has issues!!! So while your at listing endorsements let me give you a run down of endorsements for Beth Gaines from our County!!!
    El Dorado County Supervisor & Chairman of the Board Ray Nutting, El Dorado County Supervisor Ron Briggs, Placerville City Councilman Carl Hagen, Placerville City Councilman Dave Machado, Placerville City Councilwoman Wendy Mattson!!!

  2. Thanks for the update!

    Yes, Placer has issues and Karen needs therapy…

    What kind of Placer Endorsements does Beth have?

  3. I will take 5 El Dorado County Endorsements and the largest group of dedicated grassroots volunteers for Beth Gaines any day of the week!!!

  4. Uh huh, and the biggest nimrod in Placer…


  5. And a quarter of the population of the district….

  6. And why isn’t Karen a conservative? Let me remind you that you follow whoever is the party’s nominee regardless of their conservative credentials and have admitted to be a “party guy” so hearing you say that someone isn’t conservative really means nothing to me. From everything I’ve seen she is very conservative.

  7. For the benefit of the readers – mr. Heida supported a non-republican for Governor.

    @John – msm 2nngland has declared war onb the cra and the placer gop – both run by conservatives. That is enough to call BS.

  8. Left comment from my cell phone – sorry about the spelling

  9. I didn’t vote for Meg Whitman because she wasn’t a conservative. I vote my principles…because they are what are important to me and not party.

    You should try it sometime.

    Editor’s note: John Heida is not a delegate nor an officer of the California Republican Party, the CRA or any other Republican orginzation. Therefore, he is not bound by any by-laws to support the party’s nominees. Karen England is and was. Conservatives respect rules and laws – Karen did not and was ejected from several boards of directors for violating their by-laws.

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