Dec 292010

UPDATE 2: Apparently the Gaines’ did talk to someone, as several I know up here have called and not received calls back. Jon Fleischman from Orange County was fortunate enough to get a “lengthy conversation” with Beth Gaines. He wrote about it here.

UPDATE: Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert says Beth Gaines is running.


The latest: Beth #Gaines is running for Assembly District 4, trying to succeed husband Ted Gaines, likely winning Senate seat on Jan. 4.

 PlacerNews PlacerNews Beth #Gaines entry into AD4 race sets up #GOP race between her and #Roseville Councilman John #Allard, who has attracted lots of support.

All I have to say is that this is bizarre – and unique for the run up to any Assembly race I have seen in a long time.

Eric Hogue has also been hitting the rumors hard as well.

  3 Responses to “Placer County News via Twitter: Beth Gaines IS running for AD-04.”

  1. It’s not so weird. I don’t know where you are getting your info or who your sources are, but Allard does not have the kind of support you seem to indicate, and that’s why I think Beth G. is running. Allard always finished last out of the 2 or 3 winners in the city council races. The man has not distinguished himself in office, and has been duplicitous and self-serving. The entire Roseville city council is very unpopular with its constituents right now. I hardly think they have the warm-fuzzies for John Allard, and are clammoring for him to represent them in the state assembly.

  2. AVM – so the Galleria Fire is an issue in the Assembly race?

    Secondly – you seem to suggest that people are going to change endorsements?

    Third – even Allard’s enemies say he is a straight shooter – do you have evidence otherwise I should be posting?

  3. The Galleria fire is still hot news, if you will forgive the pun. It is a huge employer and source of tax revenue for the city and county. Of course it’s important issue in the race!! People are still hopping mad over the handling of it. And whether accurate or not, the council gets tarred with the same brush. They are seen as complicit in the apparent on-going cover-up, and merely weak pawns of the new city manager. Allard is a man who does not have the courage of his so-called convictions. Numerous times while on the council he has spoken out passionately, even vehemently against people and policies which he said were at odds with his conservative political philosophies. But in the end he ALWAYS caved. He voted the way the city manager and the power brokers of Roseville wanted him to. He tried to portray himself as a maverick, but time and time again he showed himself to be a self-serving coward who cynically let his own political ambitions dictate his conscience.
    Finally, Allard’s endorsements are unimpressive. and yes, I have seen them change during the course of a campaign, haven’t you? why would Beth Gaines even put herself out there if she didn’t think she could garner the necessary endorsements? There must ne something up with Allard’s electability or there wouldn’t be these other GOP challengers. I’d check it out if I were you.
    P.S. Allard also didn’t do the conservatives of Roseville any favors when he appointed loony gay leftist David Larson of Stonewall Democrats fame to the Planning Commission, setting up his eventual run for city council. Talk is that if Allard wins the special election, he may be appointed to fill his seat. Hey, thanks a lot, John!

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