Nov 042010

Roseville Measures – Our position prevailed on 6 of 7.

We opposed all three tax measures – they all were defeated. The Lincoln Tax measure went down 2-1.

Special note: Our friends in the I-Caucus endorsed in the Lincoln City Council Race – winning both seats in Lincoln, defeating an entrenched Democrat incumbent and another candidate, Richard Peral, that the Central Committee decided against endorsing when more evidence came to light about him.  We made the right choice staying out of Lincoln City Council race.

Highlights of State-Wide / District races:

Steve Cooley pulled 61.32% of the vote
Carly Fiorina pulled 59.80% of the vote
McClintock pulled 62.13% of the vote
Pugno pulled 62.67% of the vote

Local races:

5 Big Wins:

Suzanne Jones beat an anti-charter school incumbent for Placer Board of Education.
Cari Dawson Bartley gives us a solid 5 vote Republican majority on the Sierra College Board
Linda M Park fills a vacancy left by a liberal Democrat on Roseville High School District
Eric Teed-Bose finished first for Eureka Union School District and beat a Democrat who had spent $8,000 and had active union support
George Romonsky took out long time incumbent Democrat Murdock on the South Placer Municipal Utility District Board

We made 20 endorsements in local races, finishing 13-7.

Kelli Gnile won in Placer County , but lost district-wide.  Her opponent, Howard Rudd, is also a fairly conservative Republican!

Ken Phillips got beat by Gray Allen – and Allen is also a fairly conservative Republican who told me he wants to get more involved in the County Party.

One of the Democrats who ran for Eureka School Board was abandoned by the Placer Dem Central Committee for being too Conservative. She told Eric Teed-Bose she is leaving the Democrat Party for sure and may even be joining the GOP!

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