Nov 122010

John Allard and Scott Yuill should be quaking in their boots now.

Former Lt. Governor Candidate the Reverend Karen England has been promoting the idea of running for Assembly. She has recently been making the rounds at local Tea Party gatherings.

Some in the local movement are skeptical, while others believe all the other candidates are corrupt and those supporting them are liars. (Liars like the staff of Bayside Church and anyone who witnessed the antics of volunteers)

The latter group of Patriots supporting Karen England (some of whom do not claim affiliation with the local Tea Party) will be sure to be on street corners waiving signs.

Karen would bring years of Goodwill in the local community and according to sources is looking seriously at Ken Campbell for her Campaign manager.

The two have been affiliated for years through the Capitol Resource Institute – a group we characterize as a¬†fund-raising organization that routinely hauls in campaign cash from candidates for office. (When you start looking through campaign finance reports, it is hard to draw any other conclusion, especially since the disclosure of said contributions has been forced out in the open and was not willingly disclosed before an anonymous source sent copies off of the State of California’s website.)

Ken Campbell is a former Chairman of the Placer GOP (in case you haven’t been reminded of it by him personally) and has a lot of connections from outside the county.

The Reverend Karen England could certainly out perform the roughly 1300 votes she will end up with in Placer County by the time the counting is certified from the November Lt. Governor election.

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  One Response to “AD-04 Update Just in: The Reverend Karen England for Assembly?”

  1. I’ve heard similar things. In fact, I’ve also heard she already has prominent endorsements lined up and a substantial amount of committed contributions for the race.

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