Oct 142010

I get it. Greg Janda got flustered because Mark Klang laid down the gauntlet, rightly criticizing the Rocklin City Council’s decisions on some issues.

Recently, I found myself at the lunch table with a couple of Tea Party leaders… finally able to answer some of the myriad slander from earlier this year. But, the most recent installment where I was accused of trying to Rig a CRA endorsement of Ted Gaines for $4,000 triggered the meeting.

As I was explaining that I am not in control of who the Placer County Central Committee endorses… I found myself answering a question as to why I held “so much sway” over the committee!

I was explaining the concept of getting out in the community and getting to know the Todd Lowells, Scott Yuills, my long-standing relationship with Kathy Lund, John Allard, Kirk Uhler and a host of others…

… and it hit me. The rage against government is so pervasive that anyone who engages in the usual methods of networking, building relationships with stakeholders and community service is viewed with disdain.

That gets me back to the Tea Party meeting. (link to article)

Greg Janda – despite having some strong endorsements from local power brokers found himself on the spot. I know how he felt… I never thought I would be viewed with suspicion for having a lot of friends in local politics.

Janda Fumbled.

Diana Ruslin had a great comeback: “I am not the ‘establishment candidate,’ but I  am established in the community,” Ruslin said.  “I have a long, successful record of community service.  I feel my established record and commitment makes me the most viable candidate for the Rocklin City Council.”

Scott Yuill had a decent, yet defensive response.

Quoting the Herald: Klang compared Rocklin to the city of Bell that recently had its mayor, city manager and city council members arrested and indicted for corruption associated with their own city salaries.

The big winner of the Tea Party Meeting was Mark Klang if you track the way the Placer Herald wrote up the story.

Klang’s campaign is a longshot because he has only raised about $1500. I know Mark has a fair number of volunteers (I call them his “wingmen” in honor of his military service)…

… but anger alone does not win.

Voters are going to have to sort through some things:

Is Scott Yuill establishment or not – does he deserve to be lynched as a “boogie man”?

Is Diana Ruslin’s pedigree of Community Service compelling or does it suggest she is a “boogie man”?

Does the fact that Greg Janda has almost raised as much money as “boogie man” Scott Yuill make him a “boogie man”, too?

And does all this talk of “boogie men” cause Mark Klang to walk in to winning?

All this and I am sure the Sacramento Bee is still pissed that a Conservative Republican Woman is A) a leading Candidate for office and B) out of the kitchen…

To Be Continued

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