Oct 142010

First off – there are a ton of Angry voters out there looking for a “boogie man”. And, for the first time in my political life – I personally had to endure smears and personal attacks that were lies. This is far different than my attacking Tim Herman or David Larson for being liberals – they are.

What I am referring to is Karen England branding myself, George and Tom Hudson the boogie men and in a personal thirst for revenge presenting us as such to local Tea Party groups. It will take quite a while before many of these folks we should otherwise be aligned with will trust.

Despite Karen England’s personal crusade – I won a seat on the Placer GOP Central Committee despite a hotly contested race. There are a lot of people interested in the political process that were not before and a charlatan like Karen England can sucker them in.

Now Rocklin.

There are no charlatans running in Rocklin… just an incredibly bizarre dynamic and up until last week, a boring race.

You see – the overriding theme of the Placer Hearld article was a few anecdotes of Tea Party Members attending the convention in search of the “establishment”.

Enter Scott Yuill – the first term council member and punching bag. I support Scott Yuill because when I look at him, I look in to the eyes of an honest man – not a “boogie man”… and at the candidate forum Scott was forced in to the following Quote:

…“I voted against the cable franchise fee increase, voted against the crash tax,” Yuill said. “I had nothing to do with the fake rocks – that was well before I was on the council.”

Yuill pointed out that some city employees work out of modular buildings and said the city has “no waste here.”…

Now why was that? Because it was open season on Diana Ruslin and Scott Yuill… Whether Greg Janda intended to or not, he pretty much saddled up on them both.

Here’s the deal – Greg is not a dishonest man. Brett Storey is not either.

However, both of them are in a position where the only distinction they can cast is trying to present Diana Ruslin as a puppet or a “Good ‘Ol Boy”.

Well, the fat-assed male chuavinist liberals on the Sacramento Bee set that ablaze. (can you tell I am still hot over that one?)

I never thought the day would come where networking in the community and getting to know people would become a negative.

Both Mark Klang who said he doesn’t accept endorsements and Greg Janda chided Yuill/Ruslin for their endorsement lists. Greg Janda quoted by the paper as saying:

“Mr. Klang (prior to the forum) has described me as part of the establishment,” Janda said. “He’s the only one in town that believes that. Before I entered the race, the establishment had selected their candidate – Diana Ruslin.”

I got news for Greg. I am considered part of the establishment as well – this despite the fact that I have been setting people on fire for raising taxes, endorsing Democrats and the like for years. Ask Peter Hill, Todd Lowell, Greg Dailey, Brett Storey and Steve Paul – they have all been on the receiving end of my blogging…

To Be Continued

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