Oct 282010

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Is the RUSD in debt or not? Todd Lowell said no when I called him.

Is the RUSD in the pocket of the Union? Todd Lowell points to the fact that the board imposed a contract on the teachers when they insisted on huge raises despite the sputtering economy.

The issue I have with the RUSD board is that they have demonstrated an antipathy for Charter Schools. (This despite there being 4 under their auspices currently…)

What the Placer Herald will never report on is the behind-the-scenes machinations of Kevin Brown to protect the bureaucracy. Nor, have I ever seen real reporting of the near physical altercation Brown almost go into with Jerry Simmons.

A lot of people like Kevin, and I only know Kevin Brown from the stories told to me about him – but there needs to be some balance as you only hear about the “misbehavior” of the pro-charter school side.

Joe Scharrer? He’s the boogie man. You’re supposed to ignore all of the unprofessional behavior and the issues people believe that exist and vote for poor, picked on Steve Paul because Joe Scharrer may have authored an email about him.

I’m sorry. Steve Paul needs to tell us why to vote for him. Todd Lowell sure as hell did when I spoke to him! Todd Lowell effectively answered all the charges made against him when I spoke to him – I still disagree with Todd on some issues, but the man won me over.

As I have written before – Wendy Lang is not a Republican so I can not support her. That being said – she has run an aggressive campaign and has attempted to explain her left-of-center views with reasons why to support her. Good job, Wendy – that’s what you’re supposed to do!

And Joe Scharrer? He’s the boogie man of Rocklin – the man everyone in office loves to hate. And, the paper attempts to pull Glenn Moeller and Amanda Tingler down with him. Why doesn’t the Placer Herald just endorse the incumbents and get it over with? Seriously?

The Placer Herald once again aborts journalism in this article – the people of Rocklin deserved more than this article gave them, just like Scott Yuill did when they used him like a rag doll, just like Mark Klang did when the paper attempted to marginalize him.

Issues, that’s what people want discussed – issues.

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