Oct 182010

I take note of a few things in the article:

1. They omitted mention of the physcial altercation after the forum was done.

2. They attempted to paint Stryk in a negative light – by highlighting that he was the only one finding fault in Yountville.

3. They made sure to point out that Stryk worked for Bob Dole and John McCain in the past – a deliberate attempt to inform the majority democrat town about Stryk being a Republican… but no mention that John Dunbar is a Republican.

Quoting the atricle:

Stryk, a former staff member to Republican U.S. Senators Robert Dole and John McCain, did not share his opponents’ optimism. “They believe our best days are upon us. I reject that idea,” adding many locals are relegated to a taco truck in order to find an affordable meal in a town that caters to upscale tourists. (shows point 2 and 3)

The community center generated some of the strongest interplay among the candidates as Stryk called Yountville, “a one-trick town,” and called the center an albatross that made no sense. He placed a $250-an-hour price tag to have a basketball workout there.

How dare Robert challenege the third rail – the community center, built with a massive bond and staffed with some of the bloated city staff. Even this article admits it went over budget – as did both of Robert’s opponents!

In closing remarks, Stryk chided the town for continuing to spend when revenues are down, saying people all over America are asking for less government. His opponents had their chance and failed, he said.

And this is the coup d’etat – this is why Majorie Moeller decided to jump in the Mayor’s race late – to defend the status quo.

Robert Stryk is asking too many questions and the Paper calls him a political maverick. In their arrogance – they may wall have made Stryk’s Campaign.

2010. Never forget this election at any level.

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  One Response to “Napa Valley Register Covers Candidate’s Forum – Labels Stryk a Maverick”

  1. Do you actually know this man? I do and he is far from honest and I challenge you to learn more about his character. He does not care about the people of Yountville (and neither does Mike Thompson or Nancy Pelosi) and would destroy that gorgeous town if elected as Mayor.

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