Oct 082010

Clint Curtis is the idiot that moved to CA-04 from Florida to run against Tom McClintock.

When he isn’t writing bizarre things on the internet – he is calling the buddies of Michael Babich (the primary opponent to McClintock) and telling them he is within 10 points of Congressman Tom McClintock.

This is beyond a kool-aid award… this is an idiocy.

Prediction 63-35.

Clint doesn’t have Stone Cold Stenhouse, Lollypop (who works for Gavin Newsome now) or Brett Rambo Shylock on his team.

All he has are yes on 19 flyers.

  One Response to “IDIOT ALERT! Clint Curtis says he is within 10 of McClintock!?”

  1. Don’t know which is the sadder, Tommy or fools who vote for him.

    Editor’s Note: But only CLINT CURTIS can save social security… (sound of Kool Aid Jug shattering on the sidewalk)

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