Oct 092010

The Sacramento Bee are arrognat liberals. So I could understand why in their exhubernace to endorse Roger – they mentioned that their support was predicated on the fact that Niello supports Tax-Payer Funded Abortion and will Raise Taxes again. The Bee’s Words, not mine.

Apparently, the Bee forgot that there are way more Republicans in SD-01?

Maybe Greg Lucas is guilty of doing the same thing on his blog? I can’t tell if he is a Democrat or a Left-Leaning Independent… but he had so things to say about leadership on his blog and why he believes Roger Niello is a leader.

Quoting Lucas:

Former Senate President Pro Tempore John Burton, now chair of the state Democratic party, was fond of saying you can never get in trouble voting “no” on a “big bill,” an act made significantly easier when sitting on the sidelines.

Aka – voting no on tax increases is a bad thing?

…But when the fighting was over and it was time to vote, Niello — quoting Burton again — “took a bite out of the s**t sandwich.”

For better or for worse, he helped construct the final product and,he took responsibility for his actions.  He recognized that politics is the art of the possible and, at some point, it’s necessary to embrace a solution. While flawed, the budgets passed those two years were less awful, from a GOP perspective, than they would have been had Niello not participated.

That sounds very much like someone “willing to make tough decisions.” Countless elements in both budgets were opposed by a phalanx of interest groups. Being one of his caucus leaders and voting for something he helped negotiate, without regard to possible political fallout in the future, seems perilously close to doing “what’s right.”

And with all respect to Ted Gaines, who is both genial and decent, NIello’s actions don’t sound like leadership — they are leadership.

While this is no where near as bad as the Bee Endorsement – the premise of this blog is that Leadership meant voting for and negotiating the largest Tax increase in State History.

That is the wrong type of leadership in my opinion.

As a Post-Script – there was a comment left on this blog post:

barbara o’connor 


good story. that is why I agreed to co=chair democrats for Neillo. He did what needed to be done and took responsibility for his actions. He is a leader and we do need leadership. I am glad it is a special because the top two allows me to actually vote for him.

Niello also voted for Prop 14 that will allow Democrats like Barbara O’Connor to help select Republican nominees in Primaries starting next year.

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