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For the benefit of some of the readers of this blog – Yountville is a study in real corruption. Take notes.

You have a hotel – the Villagio that is used as a primary destination for Democrat Party Fundraisers. The owners of the Villagio have a vested interest in having only their own cronies on the local City Council.

Enter Robert Stryk.

Mike Thompson and Nancy Pelosi both live within 5 miles of Yountville – and they are freaked out over Robert Stryk running for Mayor.

As I have written before – they have paid two private investigators to try and turn up dirt on Stryk.

If Yountville was the size of Rocklin – their City staff would be over 500. Rocklin currently sits in the 250 range.

The Owners of the Villagio along with reporters from the Yountville Sun and the Napa Valley Register flew an employee of Stryk’s across the country thinking they would get some dirt of Stryk.

They got more than they bargained for.

The Napa Sentinel references documents that show people who are desperate to keep Stryk out of office and people who are trying with everything they have to prevent ordinary questions from being asked.

Page one is linked here

Page two is linked here

The bottom line – Stryk has uncovered a massive pay-to-play scheme that involves local officials and could possibly involve tax evasion by the villagio hotel.

No one has denied anything Mr. Stryk has implied or asserted – they are simply trying to shut him up.

Read the story and my previous posts about Yountville and ask yourself what’s going on?

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  5 Responses to “Yountville Exposed by the Napa Sentinel”

  1. Aaron keep up the good work exposing these crooks. Seems like Stryk’s opponents are monitoring your blog and posting fake things because they are scared. Stryk has really scared them down there. Nice posts from a former NFL Quarterback and a guy that can even spell Stryk’s name right. The article was written by a guy who has served on the Napa City Council for over 12 years and is known for breaking stories that others wont write. I hope Stryk wins the race and puts these bums in jail.

  2. To Anon commenter number one – not filing 460’s is something done all the time. Especially if you’re self-funding or have not raised $1000. That’s a non-starter.

    I can tell that this post struck a nerve, that’s for sure. What are you guys hiding?

  3. Stay on them Aaron. Whomever these guys are they are scared. This story is no different and might end up being worse then Bell. Whatever you can do to get the word out all of over California about what is going in Yountville would be a great service to us tax-payers who are fed up. It was a true political lynching from day one.

  4. Wow, i just got home from work and am shocked to see so much interest in a tiny little Yountville Mayor’s race. As an observer all I know is that it seems Stryk has hit a nerve and is drawing these folks out. Stryk did not write the article, looks like some good old fashioned journalism, All of these posts are probably from the private detective and hotel owners sitting around worrying there will be an investigation.Why is everyone hiding behind false names and such? Stryk has never filed any late campaign filings and is self-funding his campaign. Like many of us in an around Yountville we were not sure what to think of Stryk at first, but allot of us are whole heartedly backing his campaign. It wasn’t Stryk who started investigating anybody, the powers that be saw a threat and began this assault. All you need to do is look at Vice-Mayor Dunbar’s campaign contributions and his endorsement from Congressman Mike Thompson and a Senior Executive of the Villagio to see what is going in here. I still don’t have a real sense, but if it smells like a rat it most certainly is a rat.

  5. Col. Klink,

    you are not from the Vets home and you have no idea what you are talking about. Margie Mohler’s husband Tim Bringman was sued by the Town Council for starting a highschool fight in the Council Chambers. This cost us taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. The town council has been playing highschool politics for too long.

    As for not giving your name, you are a coward and you did not wear the uniform Sir which I did. Impersonating a member of the U.S. military is a disgrace and criminal.
    Harry Martin was an elected official for 12 years and is running again, he put his name on a ballot. You are a coward.

    Robert Stryk will be Mayor because unlike you he is not a coward and stands for something. You are just like the Nazi Col. Klink you are hiding behind, a COWARD.

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