Sep 192010

Roger Niello needs to prove there is no difference between himself and Ted Gaines. It is the classic campaign tear-down strategy.

I am an insurance agent – I sell all types of insurance and I used Blue Cross as my source for the below data – as several insurance companies supported AB1422 and I wanted to know why.

He has focused on AB1422 – which he voted for, but so did Ted Gaines.

What was AB1422? A premium tax of 2.35% tacked on the Health Insuranace in California to pay for rural health care.

That premium tax had been on the books and this bill was needed – say it’s proponents – in order to attract Federal Funding.

How much federal funding? Enough to cover the whole bill.

The bottom line is that the Feds are paying the cost of the 2.35% premium tax so that people do not see their premiums rise.

It is akin to money laundering or a shell game at the state/federal level – but the reason why the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the National Tax Limitation Committee did not charge it as a bad vote against Ted Gaines “A” ratings was because it did not take more money out of people’s pockets.

But it does give Niello an opportunity to rail against it because trying to explain it is not easy.

  One Response to “What’s the deal with AB1422, Anyway? Why has Roger Niello Staked his Campaign on it?”

  1. The issue is simple, Aaron. It was a tax. HJ Taxpayers said it was a tax. Ted Gaines said it was a tax immediately before he voted for it. Ted Gaines signed a “no new taxes” pledge. End of story. Ted lied.

    Editor’s Note – 1. In the minds of the Niello crew this is supposed to offset voting for the largest tax increase in state history AND campaigning for 1A – which would have extended it two more years…

    2. Howard Jarvis endorsed Ted Gaines.

    3. Note how the issue of the Federal Offset is not addressed – its’ a tax that is paid by the feds and the policy-holders in California did not see a rate increase.

    4. The people who administer the No New Taxes pledge do not agree with Niello’s assessment that Ted Gaines broke the pledge.

    It is going to be a long bus ride for the Niello Crew.

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