Sep 182010

So the Husband of Candidate number three – who jumped in late after a double-cross… is a nutbag?

…first we had Vice Mayor Dunbar who is tied to a “Secret Meeting” at the Villagio Hotel and Spa and is taking money from Mike Thompson, see email below, with emails as proof.

But now my other opponent Marjorie Mohler is on the move. Mohler who is currently on the Council has a husband who makes it look like they are all playing “High-School” games in Yountville. Mohler’s husband responded to a mailer that I sent out which quoted a letter to the editor in the Napa Sentinel, which mentioned a incident where the Town of Yountville attempted to get  a permanent restraining order against Bringman. Bringman took issue with the mailer and wrote his own letter to the editor that was printed in the Napa Valley Register, where he goes into details about his legal problems with the town.

see link

The thing is, I did not write that letter and just got permission to reprint it, but what Mr. Bringman did not mention is that it cost that taxpayers over $12,000.00 to sue him and Bringman also leaves out that months before, he sent me and unsolicited email where had offered his advice and help.

(Email from Tim Bringman)

Subject: Situation
Tim Bringman [[email protected]]
Sent:    Wednesday, January 13, 2010 2:24 PM
To:    Robert D. Stryk


A couple of years ago, I found myself in a situation much like you are in today. I would like to meet with you and discuss. Perhaps I can be of some help.


Tim Bringman
Managing Partner
Ciencia Group, LLC
6524 Vista Drive
Yountville, CA 94599
Phone: 707-944-8463
Fax: 707-944-8899
Cel: 707-738-5837

And to think: Bringman and Dunbar are at each other’s throats… this is beautiful. (To be Continued)

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  3 Responses to “The Latest Installment of Yountville Politics – The Third Person in the Mayor’s Race: LOSER”

  1. Just when I think it could not get any worse in Yountville. I have never heard of this situation and I have been in and around Yountville for awhile. I don’t think calling him a LOSER or NUTBAG is enough, i think he is Judas. I mean the guy sends Stryk an email to help him then stabs him in the back, who are these people? Bringman is a slime-ball. Dunbar, Bringman and Mohler should all give the taxpayers a break and leave government.

    This Bringman guy is just another black mark on Yountville. The fact this guy and his wife have any sway in how tax pay dollars are spent is very scary.

  2. Bottom line,

    both of these people must go. I hope the people of Yountville wake-up and kick these crazy people to the curb. Dunbar, Mohler and her husband are crazy.

  3. Somewhat amusing. I do not live in Yountville, although I have longstanding sympathies to both the county and wine country. I an disappointed, but not entirely surprised by some of the comments about Bringman and Mohler – and that says that neither money, power nor time makes much of a difference in character. Hmmm. I hope that the citizens of Yountville come to conclusions, whatever those might be, that benefit the citizenry and the region. Regards.

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