Aug 202010

Ted Gaines voted yes, Roger Niello voted no.

Was it a tax increase? Nope. It was a helmet law for ski slopes.

Read here about the bill. The 4th Assembly District (Gaines’) has a ton of Ski Resorts in it and the industry apparently supported the law.

No Biggie – however, this blogger received a Pro-Gaines email last night that is ironic in light of the above occurrence today.

Calling himself “Carl Sundheim” – the author slammed the River City Republican Club for apparently railroading an endorsement of Roger Niello.

Continuing a tradition of endorsing candidates without offering other qualified or declared candidates the opportunity to seek an endorsement, the Republicans of River City (RRC), the Sacramento chapter of the faltering California Congress of Republicans, endorsed Assemblyman Roger Niello’s candidacy to fill the seat of the late Senator Dave Cox.

Asked whether the other Republican candidate, Assemblyman Ted Gaines, should have been invited to seek the RRC endorsement, “That’s not how we do things here,” one declared. “We don’t care much for people who sign pledges or wear their conservatism on their sleeve,” he concluded.

Other Republican volunteer organizations have invited both declared candidates to speak to their membership at “endorsing conventions” where members would vote for the candidate with the best message and record.

It is rumored former Assemblywoman Barbara Alby will soon declare her candidacy for the vacant seat. Asked whether Alby would have been considered for endorsement by RRC, another member said, “We’re a pro-choice group…she’s pro-life!” “That wouldn’t ever happen here,” she concluded.

It is not immediately clear which of the two declared Republicans would win in November. However, many speculate that a three-way race would result in a runoff between Niello and Gaines.

The new question is, will gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman’s attempt to take control of the Party at its Spring 2011 convention succeed as the rift between conservatives and moderates within the Republican Party continues?

Del Beccaro (err, uh, Houston), we have a problem!

The last time I checked – Niello was pro-life, and in the backdrop of Gaines (in this case) supporting a nanny-government law… the email from “Carl” smacks of irony.

The SD-01 race is going to be twisted as there is no clear conservative or liberal in this tilt…

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  1. Not to mention that the author is ill informed about the special election process. There will be no runoff between Gaines and Neillo regardless of who runs or what happens Nov. 2. Prop 14 doesn’t kick in until primaries held after Jan 1, so the runoff would be between the GOP winner, Dem Ken Cooley, and any other minor party/indy takers.

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