Jul 272010

Read here and here for the latest on the City of Yountville Mayor’s race and the ensuing drama.

Remember – Yountville is in Mike Thompson and Nancy Pelosi’s Back Yard.

They tried to invalidate Robert Stryk’s signatures…

Imagine you’re running for Mayor of Yountville. The Signers on Stryk’s nomination papers didn’t put cities and states on the papers – the Napa County registrar said they were ok, but the people at the City office rejected them.

It is obvious that they are nervous. They should be: Stryk forced a runoff

Two hours later – Stryk returned with signatures they could not reject.

Sound assinine? Mike Thompson and “Republican” John Dunbar have spent $100,000 thus far attempting to stop Robert Stryk.

Police officers in Yountville have harassed Stryk over the placement of his campaign signs and have shadowed him while he is walking door-to-door campaigning.

The Yountville Sun – an illegal corporation that has not paid their taxes since 2007 continues to collude with Mike Thompson.

And so it goes.

Meantime – Stryk is self-funding his campaign. He does not want to be beholden to anyone when he wins.

I think that makes him even more dangerous.

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