Jul 052010

Bad news for Liberals – especially arrogant, rampaging liberals like our aristocratic Senator Barbara Boxer.

Gallup – the venerable polling firm you always hear about in National elections has some news that will have Democrats setting up death panels everywhere:

June 2010 – by a talley of 46-34, Independent Voters favor Republicans. Whoops.

Perhaps voting against anything and everything relating to military funding, flaming out on a Brigadir General in a committee hearing and trying to ram the largest tax increase in American History down our throats is catching up to Barbara Boxer?

I am highlighting a few items from the Gallup Poll just released on 7/1:

At this point, dissatisfaction with Obama appears to be a reason independents favor the Republican Party this year. Since March, 42% of independent registered voters, on average, have approved of the job Obama is doing as president, while 51% have disapproved. (SNIP)

Independent voters who disapprove of Obama’s job performance say by 71% to 12% that they would vote for the Republican candidate in their district if the election were held today. In contrast, independent voters who approve of Obama favor the Democratic candidate, but by a smaller 63% to 17% margin.

The vote patterns of independent approvers and disapprovers have been stable from month to month.

Two Items that might make even the hardened atheist Barbara Boxer start praying:

She has thethered herself to Obama – taking 4 bailout missions from the President – using him to raise at least 8 million dollars. (Most of which will be used to attack Carly’s character because Boxer’s own record is an embarrassment)

The opinions of independent voters have been consistent – (this is a rarity) and for Democrats, it means having to spend loads of money they don’t have lying about Republicans.

If that isn’t bad enough – Boxer has her own behavior to contend with.

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  1. Carly,
    I read everything available that you write and plan on voting for you, however, PLEASE have someone proofread all the copy that is placed on your site! I think the piece above has so many typo’s, it’s embarrassing. Eyeballs sometimes are better than the F7 key.

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