Jul 272010

No. It’s not Tom McClintock – McClintock is expected to endorse Ted Gaines, everyone knows this. Gaines has former Senator Rico Oller locked up as well.

Roger Niello has Former Congressman John Doolittle and Doug Ose in addition to the Late Senator Dave Cox who transfered $7800 to Niello the day he died.

But rumors are rife that Ted Gaines is going for the throat and is working on a ‘Huge” endorsement characterized as a “Republican Party” endorsement. What the heck – Tom McClintock got a few of those, Rick Keene even got one… why not Ted?

The feedback I have gotten from locals is the only thing holding them back from choosing Roger Niello is that one bad vote…

Now if you’re Ted Gaines – you’d be wondering just how many ‘Huge’ Endorsements it is going to take to make your side of the SD-01 Race about more than one bad vote by Roger Niello?

The Tea Party? Rumor has it that they are not thrilled with either candidate…

Life is a lot simpler for this blogger – need a good deal on insurance? I can make sense of that for you… wanna run for office? I’ll probably tell you no unless you can get a few ‘huge’ endorsements.

To Be Continued…

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