Jun 132010

Harmer won the GOP Primary – get over it.

Jerry McNerney is a Cylon Robot – voting with Pelosi 98.5% of the time.

McNerney voted for Cap and Trade energy tax

McNerney voted to destroy our healthcare system

McNerney opposes border security

McNerney has done nothing to address the Delta Smelt judge that took the water away from the central valley – but he did vote with George Miller to help the bay area.

David Harmer will represent a return to sanity for the voters of CD-11. While Harmer may never forgive the whuppin his opponents put on him in the primary – it pales in comparison to the lies and smears McNerney’s hardened team of Left-Wing Cylons have in store.

Get ready David – let’s hope you have a nice stone in your sling.

I would strongly encoruage the Harmer Camp to get as many people from the other camps as they can on to the team to diversify the support asap.

  11 Responses to “CA-11 Update: McNerney Needs to Go – Support David Harmer”

  1. Glad to see you lending your support. If you talk to Tony, please ask him to offer the same

  2. Jim – Email me or call me and I will do my best to connect you guys.

  3. At this point I will not be supporting Harmer. I will not be hampering his election either.

  4. Yeah, you have already done enough of that John.

    Aaron, I don’t need to connect with Tony. Tony needs to connect with the Harmer campaign. Hopefully he has already made an effort to do that.

  5. Jim – if the attitude of the Harmer Campaign is everyone must come to him…

    You’re sunk. You’re going down – just like Andal.


  6. Aaron – You have repeatedly referred to me as somehow connected to the Harmer campaign. Other than doing a little volunteer phonebanking, which I have disclosed, I have no connection to the campaign.
    My statements are my own. You need to look in the mirror to find someone who needs a change of attitude if they want McNerney out of office in November.
    A statement like “Harmer may never forgive the whuppin his opponents put on him in the primary” and comment #5 tell me what I need to know about your attitude towrds David Harmer. First of all, Harmer was the one who ‘put a whuppin’, accumulating almost 40% in a wide open, four way primary.
    Secondly, if you took a little time to get to know the candidate, you would not say that Harmer ‘may never forgive’. Of the many political candidates, bloggers, and activists I have personally met over this year, David Harmer seems to be one of the most genuine individuals of the lot. He obviously places a very high value on his faith, and that requires him to be forgiving.
    Lastly, you twisted my statement. It is a traditional move for a gracious loser in a political contest to concede, congratulate the winner, and support the winner going forward to a general election.
    How many times have you ever heard of a winning candidate making a call asking for that from a losing opponent? The answer is never. It would be taken (by a bad loser) as rubbing one’s nose in it if they did.

  7. Jim – fristoff – thanks for being polite.

    I have emailed others in the Harmer camp and have gotten no response.

    Worse, I have gotten word back that I am “on their list”.

    If Mr. Harmer chooses to have a list – then his general election campaign is doomed. Hence my comment about not forgiving the whuppin – given the set of info I had to go off of, that’s how it seemed.

    We need to get McDonkey out of office, end of story.

    In that stead – I’d love nothing more than to see the GOP base rally around Harmer to make that happen.

    If it is as you say with Mr. Harmer’s attitude and adherence to faith – I am sure that the connections will be made soon.

    McDonkey is now the issue – the sooner the team is coalesced – we’ll get there.

    Heck – I did my part, right? (I endorsed Harmer)

  8. Oh ok, I thought when you said opponents you meant the ones on the ballot.
    I read that sentence a bit differently when you are talking about yourself and other bloggers and tweeters, etc, who pushed a pack of lies and highly misleading statements about Harmer in an effort to take him down when he became the clear leader in the race (what you call a whuppin).
    If you are a conservative and your real intent is to get a conservative elected in CD-11, you run a positive race and differentiate yourself as a candidate without denigrating an opponent.
    Bottom line, if you call this blog entry an endorsement for Harmer, then I can see why you are on their list.
    Your virulent and almost 100% unfounded criticisms of Harmer during the primary would get you on that ‘list’. ‘Endorsing’ Harmer by starting off with “get over it” isn’t going to get you off any list you are on.

    If I were a candidate I would treat you the same way.

    If you want to get off the list, then make a constructive effort to unify the GOP primary candidates around Harmer and work to get the guy elected.

  9. From Elizabeth Emken’s website

    Concession Statement
    June 9th

    I have spoken with David Harmer and congratulated him on becoming the Republican nominee …

    Still looking for something similar from Tony, or Brad?

  10. CA-11 Update: McNerney Needs to Go – Support David Harmer

    That’s the title.

    The Get over it is addressed to the other non-Harmer camps. sorry that wasn’t obvious.

  11. BTW – I signed up on his (Harmer’s) website to volunteer. If that isn’t an endorsement, I don’t know what is…

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